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How much water are you suppose to drink daily?

How much water are you suppose to drink daily? Preferably in water bottle amounts.

Also, why are you suppose to drink so much water and what does it do for you?

Thanks (:

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  • SuZQ
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    the specialists in nutrition used to say 8 8-ounce glasses a day which is 64 ounces or half gallon.

    they have changed their minds on that just like most other edicts and now say to drink when you are thirsty.

    I cannot say about water bottles because I have them from 4 ounce to half gallon size in my fridge! Everyone brings different sizes when they come and usually leave the ones being cooled in my fridge when they go back tot heir homes! I also have 4 2.5-gallon bottles that go on the water cooler! Do you mean that size?

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    The estimated amount of water that everyone should consume is 8 cups of water a day. But it never hurts to go over.

    Hint: you know you're hydrated if your pee is clear

  • RoyS
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    7 years ago

    Drink when you are thirsty; your body knows when it needs water. Water hydrates you.

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    Typically two water bottles are suitable. If you exercise you might need more, if you relax you won't need as much.

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