equipment needed to start a youtube account?

i've been an avid youtuber viewer for a while now. i admire a lot of youtubers like zoella, connor franta, etc. i suffer from manic depression and i feel like youtube would be a really good way for me to deal with that. i love making people laugh, being on camera and being creative, so yeah. however, i'm aware i need some equipment. i have a standard video camera, which works pretty well, but i plan on saving for a new one. i want to know where i can buy reasonably priced microphones and lighting. keep in mind that i'm fifteen. i have a part-time job, but i don't think i can drop $500 on equipment.

another thing is editing software. windows movie maker is kind of meh. i have a toshiba with windows 8. is there anything softwares i can download that are good for editing?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You'll need...

    a hard drive to store footage

    lights for, well, lighting (you can get it at best buy, see link below)

    a microphone for good audio (you can get it on amazon, I saw one for 30 bucks but the quality might be meh)

    a tripod for your video camera

    and for the editing software,

    I'm not sure if there are any good, free softwares, but nearly all the youtubers have macs and use iMovie (free) or Final Cut Pro (not free :P). Since you have a toshiba...

    maybe Corel? or Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

    but these all cost money :/

    honestly, I'm not sure about the editing software


    Anyways, thats all I can say. I'm almost 15, I love youtube and i'm also starting a channel too. If you want, could you answer my question to help me pick a username? I'm probably overthinking but...

    Good luck with your channel!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Hi there,

    You can download Adobe Premiere here

    It's a really nice software.

    I hope it helps

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