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Do Palestinians have a military or not?

Someone said Palestinians don't have an army. But they still have a military, right?

Somebody must be firing those rockets and digging those tunnels...


Do guerrillas count as a military or not?

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    No. They do not have an army. Israel will not permit them full sovereignty. They have guerrillas who are resisting, perhaps with the tacit support of the Palestinian authorities. But every time Israel kills an Arab civilian they are effectively recruiting dozens of future guerrillas intent on revenge.

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    There is no county named "Palestine". There never has been. That could be leading to your confusion. There are a group of Palestinians who live in the Gaza strip that have elected Hamas to be their representative. Hamas is firing the rockets and digging the tunnels

    Even though they elected Hamas, many Palestinians are afraid to speak out against the rocket attacks as anyone who does faces severe penalties. If you watch the news, any channel, you'll hear the reporters say this.

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    Of course not. Countries have militaries. There is no country called "Palestine". The people firing those rockets are terrorists. Are they a "military"? No. A bunch of terrorists in blue jeans with weapons they bought on the black market (well, more likely were given by muslim countries that support any terrorism they can) launching rockets at unarmed civilians do not qualify as a "military".

    Example: If a bunch of people in South Dakota decided to call themselves the "Dakota Liberation Group" and started launching rockets into North Dakota do you think they would qualify as a "military"? Nope.

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    No, they don't. They live in a Gaza strip where they elected the Hamas, a well known terrorist group, to be their legal representatives. Hamas kept on firing rockets and missiles on Israeli civilians and soldiers is one of the reasons why the people of Gaza are refused full sovereignty for a reason.

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    Armies are groups of individuals. The Palestinian people ARE their Army.

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