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Since Monty doesn't work, need boy name to go with last name Tramontin?

Hubby likes Peter & John. Other suggestions?


Thanks for the ideas.

Names we both like:









Update 2:

Awesome thank you Chuckles!

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    Peter is a nice sensible name, but Peter Tramontin doesn't work to me.

    - Peter ending is ter/tah and last name starts with Tra. End of first name, start of last name clash.

    John is a nice name, but again John Tramontin doesn't work to me. It works better than Peter &/or Monty.

    - John rhymes with mon in the middle of the surname.

    What sort of names do you both like in order to give some ideas?

    Some ideas without knowing your actual taste in names:

    Blake Tramontin

    Elias Tramontin

    Henry Tramontin

    Isaac Tramontin

    Joel Tramontin

    Liam Tramontin

    Lucas Tramontin

    Michael Tramontin

    Matthew Tramontin

    Marshall Tramontin

    Nathaniel Tramontin

    Pierce Tramontin

    Reid Tramontin

    Zane Tramontin.

    For the name to work for me, the end of the first name should not end in er/ar/eh/ah sound since the start of the surname starts with Tra as it makes the names clash and hard to get around/off the tongue.

    The surname ends in tin/ten sound so first names ending in en/an/on sound wouldn't work properly either.

    I also don't like first/last name rhyming as it takes the sound/look away.

    But that is to me.

    Just throw some names around that you and your hubby like and see what you come up with.

    Good Luck.


    I've tried to reply to your message, but it wont allow me, so will answer here in the question.

    Andrew Tramontin --> Nice name

    Ellis Tramontin --> Great name

    Jacob Tramontin --> Great name

    Zachary Tramontin --> Great name

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    From your list I love

    Benjamin Tramontin!

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