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Does Israel's military crack the top ten?

It's a bit tough, though not impossible, to rank militaries based on how powerful they are.

You have to take into account a lot of different factors as well as quantity vs.quality.

The US would definitely be top in the world.

Where do you think Israel would fall on the list and which country (or countries) would you put just above and below it?

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  • james
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    6 years ago
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    In a short war yes. Not in a long one. It can put more fighters in the air and keep them in the air than any othere airforce. With 5 pilots for each plane and large stockpile of spare parts. But atrition in a long war would end that. There armed forces has the best corordination between all branchs of service in the world. In there area. heavy hard milittary equipment they can field in short order and meet any enemey head on and win. Do to spare parts and spare crews avalable. But in a long war do to resupply no. They are set up for short hard hitting wars and could not stand sea and air blockades for extended time. They can put more firepower on the ground than the U.S. military can for a few days. but then the resupply problem come in to efect. And military replacment of lost equipment and parts.

  • Wraeth
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    6 years ago

    According to, they are rated at #1 in the middle east (regional power) and #11 in the world.

    Source(s): US Army Scout
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    In efficiency they are probably No i remember it is Not the Size of the Military that is Important it is how efficient they are and Israel is better than the whole of the US military and more professional

    i have never heard of Israelis Urinating on the enemy dead

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  • 6 years ago

    On the global scale no; in the region yes.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yeah in the middle east next to egypt.

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