do they look like they could be related?

i'm writing a story and there are four siblings but i'm feeling really iffy about the faceclaims.

the oldest is mason, portrayed by chris colfer (kurt on glee. his character is more like his character in struck by lightning though).

the second oldest, rachel, is portrayed by nina dobrev.

the third born, emily, is portrayed by charli xcx. it's apart of her character that she dyes her hair and wears a **** load of eye makeup and tries to work that whole "hot but scary" look.

the youngest is charlie, portrayed by ansel elgort.

do they look like they could be related? if not, do you have any other suggestions (especially for emily/charli xcx). thanks!

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    6 years ago

    Hey.... forget about looks.....Everyone can look differently and still belong in the same family.... The story line is more important.. Focus on the plot and not the looks of the characters

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  • 6 years ago

    Yea I think they could, they all have at least one feature that seems similar - and if were being realistic there are plenty of real siblings who do not look alike :)

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