rank these colleges: Indiana University, Syracuse University, University of Washington, Michigan state University?

I'm planning to get a businesses degree at one of these but don't which to pick

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  • 6 years ago
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    Michigan State


    Indiana University


    BUT REALLY, all four are very good universities for business, so APPLY TO ALL. It sounds like you are just looking for schools to apply to at this point, so its is wise to apply to more. You aren't at the point where you need to narrow down your choices because right now, you technically don't have anything to choose from. Its also a bad idea to only pick one to apply to because you would be putting all your eggs in one basket and potentially not get in to the one you picked, but you have no other decisions to consider since you didn't apply to the others too.

    Apply to all 4, plus anything else that you might be interested in. This will just help you more.

    Source(s): business graduates with a Bachelors of Science in Business Adminisration
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