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Why would an attractive girl date an average looking guy?

Why would they do so?, Could it be possible for them to actually like a guy who is way less good looking than them?. I am in a complete dilemma , i have been in a relationship with a woman , who is quite attractive. It's been 6 months since we started dating, and i really liked her as well. The problem started when i noticed that every time we strolled out/dinner/lunch/ or even a walk around the park..a lot of guys stare at her and keep staring at us until we are are out of their sight.

But the problem began , when some of these guys actually cat-call her. That too, right in front of me. As in, either i don't exist or they don't want to believe she could be with a guy like me. Even at parties , i have seen men approach her, and ask her out. Just last month i heard some random men claim- 'How could a girls like her date a guy like me?'. That was really hurtful !

It's like my own worth is nothing, and this is when i heard it, god knows..what all they must be saying behind me.And what hurts me the most is when i overheard my friends saying the same thing, they were using extremely vile repulsive language in describing her body parts too. My self esteem has gone completely down the drain, i don't know if i can live like this forever.

I don't understand , why did she dated me? Is this a way for her to pass time and then marry someone far more better looking? I am starting to think that she should just stick with dating good looking men only

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    You're doing the right thing, just break it off. Let her go out with handsome studs, i think you should just stick with plain janes. Trust me , it's for your own good. let the hot girls ride along studs, you shouldn't ever date her again, kid

    Do not listen to anyone here. One should always date a woman who is atleast a level less than you. Had it been me in your place i would have ended it by now.

    Never date beautiful women or you will end up getting hurt OR even better stay single, i have a feeling this girl is either passing her time or is a gold digger. DUMP HER

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    Believe it or not, those guys say those hurtful things because they are envious of you! As long as the both of you have genuine feelings for one another, who are they to say/comment otherwise?

    Also, looks is not everything in a relationship. Where is there such a rule saying that only a hot girl can work things out with a hot guy? Also, who actually dictates who looks "attractive" and who does not? It all depends on individual. Don't put yourself down, thinking that she's out of your league. If she's with you, that just means there's something different...something significant...something special about you compared to her many other suitors. You're a winner, why pay any heed to those other guys?

    Just make sure that you treat her the way she deserves to be treated, and take the time to dress up whenever you take her out. Show her how much she matters to you, and how special she is to you, and those other guys will be invisible to the both of you.

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    your lucky!! she likes you among the others!! you must be thankful and proud!! dont be insecure, that can be a reason she will change her mind liking you!! i think shes a good woman not looking the beauty from the outside but the inside..your maybe showing her a good character or attitude thats why shes dating with u!!

    Be proud and value her more!! do your best!!

    Dont mind the others!! haters only cares for the disadvantages.. they are only insecure!! see!!? your a average looking guy but they are insecure!! be proud!!

    I'm a woman and usually i dated with maybe someone like you all the time, so im sure about this situation!! just be more nice and kind to her and never show her your weakness about the hurtful thing.. just show her in action not by words that u dont mind and care about the others opinion or else shes maybe thinking of disliking you to the fact that your just a average looking guy and then at the same time not confident!! ya, right!! be confident bro!!

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    Of course they would, any girl who likes any guy should at least like an average guy. I know i do pretty much all the time, i may say that "oh hes hott" to some really really hott/ really good looking dude but that doesnt mean that i totally will go for him, But just know that some girls will, and some girls wont, it just depends on the girl, but if they like you then they like you regardless if your "average".

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    Sometimes looks arent everything, personality and heart won me over!

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    love, my girlfriend is not that attractive but she have a good caring heart

    answer my question?

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