Do you think there is a reason the animation in Sorts Anime is so old school?

I have been watching anime for a long time and I still enjoy it. I even still enjoy older anime where they have basically just a picture on the screen with a moving mouth (if that) for 5 seconds or so to represent each changing scene. Although I appreciate those anime, I still think that the newer anime with far more visual detail and movement are an improvement.

Lately I got into sports anime and although I think they are awesome stories, I can't figure out why the animation is so old school. "Kuroko no Basuket" has a fairly modern style, but "Yowapedal" and "Ace of the Diamond" and "Haikyu" all have really old school animation styles. WHY?

Anyone know? Anyone have a guess?

Maybe its to try and replicate "Prince of Tennis"? Is it because companies use sports anime as their cheap productions when their budget is low? Are sports anime just a lot less popular? ...?

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  • arashi
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    6 years ago
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    Old school??

    That's not old school. D:

    Old school would be like, Hajime no Ippo or Ace o Nerae of Captain Tsubasa or Slam Dunk etc.

    Those styles aren't old school, they're just the way they're drawn. Might be influenced by old school stuff but that doesn't mean it's old school. Sports based anime/manga tend to lean more towards realism anyways, so longer limbs and better anatomy are a given. If you're talking about that being "old school"-esque then I can see where you're coming from, kinda.

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    • arashi
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      6 years agoReport

      Ah yeah. Sports anime tend to be less popular. It's only as of late that fangirls have really been swarming the sports anime, like KnB and Free.

      Thanks to that though, more new sports anime are being released, so I'm happy. :3

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