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POLL: Is it easier being a poor child in a First world OR Third world country?

Now hear me out, I'm not talking in a physical sense because obviously kids in third world countries have it worse with no access to food/health care, etc. But in a social aspect and the effect it has on a childs psyche, confidence, and self esteem.

Do you think it's easier for a child to be poor in a first world country where usually being poor isn't the norm and often money is taken for granted. Though there are many resources like welfare and food banks and shelters. Poverty is usually thought of by other kids as being "embarrassing" for a child to come from a poor family. They're made fun of when they cant afford their class field trip. They're embarrassed when they're the only one without lunch at school or when there are holes in their shoes. They're made fun of for going home to a shelter, etc.


Do you think it's easier for a child to be poor in a third world country where the majority of other children around them are equally poor, they walk miles for water, they have no medical when they're sick, they may never get an education, they sleep on the ground, their parents often die leaving them to look after sibling... but because it's become so normal for them they don't judge each other but rather focus on surviving.


Why I ask is because in my lifetime I've sponsored 7 children in third world countries and I've gone on 3 mission trips to help build schools. I am very proud of this and will continue to do it for the rest of my life. However, I never once stopped to look around me and realize how many children are actually poor in my surrounding neighborhoods and how hard it must be when we have such judgement and ridicule when it comes to poverty in First world countries.

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    first world, help the people in your community, you'll see the benefits everyday :)

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    I think it is hard for both set of kids obviously, but I think we should focus on kids in our communities or split our time equally between both. I think it has a great affect on a child being poor in a country like America simply because of the general standard of living here and what it does to that childs self esteem when they're wondering "Well why am I not like the other kids? what is wrong with me? why are they making fun of me?", not only poor kids but I think it applies to foster kids, homeless teens, etc. we're just too judgmental and we dont raise our kids to look at is as "well this kid doesnt have lunch so let me share mine with him" but instead they're thought to look up to the rich and glamorous rather than sympathizing with the poor.

    In other countries where their standards of living may be lower but more consistent throughout the community then you don't get the same issues psychologically simply because the media doesnt raise children in those countries, children are raised by family, with a softer heart. So naturally kids wont be picking on each other if they're all in the same boat, they're going to help each other.

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    Poverty is poverty wherever it hits, if poverty is all you know, then thats it, has nothing to do with it, your emotional stability would not be badly affected, because poverty is all you know and it becomes a way of life.

    I have met plenty of happy very poor people and that includes people in what you call "third world" countries who know nothing else other than to smile and give you a friendly greeting. .......

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