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Why did he get so HAPPY to see me!!!..???

I got a job 6 months ago and from the beginning there's this guy who acts weird with me. He's married & looks 10 yrs older than me. When I first started he talked to me a bit, checked me out, even asked me to see his office. Then he would go through periods of ignoring me. Then he would say hi and would blush when he would see me, or get flustered and VERY NERVOUS when he saw me. One time I was walking by him & his face turned VERY RED. WHY does he act so strange? Is he SCARED of me? Our office recently moved to another floor but he is on a different floor than mine. I bumped into him in the elevator after not seeing him for 1 month. He started talking to me, asked how my new space was. He was smiling a lot, talking fast & kinda rambling. Why?? Another time I was on his floor, he smiled when he saw me then he said very loud & excitedly to me “you're not up here are u”???? Why did he get happ

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    Hes into you obviously

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Maybe he's attracted to you that's why he acts like that around you. Good luck

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Post a pic of yourself, then I can be honest

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