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I thought I had a plan to go into law enforcement but after educational ride alongs with cops and over my high school career I changed it to state patrol. I am doing a 2 year criminal justice program at a local community college but heard it's hard to get in and I don't want to be an officer for a town or city department or sheriffs office. I had an interest in business for a while but changed that. I really like energy related things and have interest in the solar industry. I moved back to Colorado and just finished high school. I have considered moving to go pursue something in the energy industry.I also have enjoyed some customer service stuff. All of my jobs I have done while in school are restaurant related. I work at a local college cafeteria as a cook. I just am stuck at what I should do.

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    6 years ago
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    I'm only 14, but being a City or Sheriff is the same as being a State Trooper ( state patrol ) except they do slightly different things. I'd continue to carry out doing Criminal Justice in college, why? It doesn't matter whether there are open positions in City Police or State Patrol. Your still a civil servant serving the law.

    Hope you make the right decision!

    Source(s): Family Members are law enforcement
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