Brand new HP Pavilion Laptop Issues?

I bought this laptop a week ago, but already it seems slower than my 4 year-old computer. I've already removed all predownloaded bulkware and downloaded malware and anti-virus, but it still seems to have issues loading multiple tabs and doing simple tasks.

Another problem I'm having is the trackpad keys are not very responsive and often seem to get 'stuck'?

Today is my final day if I want to return it, and I can't decided if it's something I can fix myself, or if I should try to get my money back and look for another new laptop.

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  • 7 years ago
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    sorry to tell you but your system should run almost anything and has a GOOD spec so something is wrong with it ???

    what's wrong i think is the installed version of Windows 8.1 has NOT been configured correctly for this laptop hardware. So if doing all the below still fails to improve your system, RETURN IT and then buy another make.

    hope this works (it should do). Glad to help you.

    can you please do the following to sort ALL your problems :-

    Download CCleaner, install it and then run it, this will safely delete all your temp files etc for you, then reboot back into safe mode again (press F8 as it boots up) and defrag your hard drive to get all your free space back again, I think your system is full of rubbish and just needs a good cleanup.

    CCleaner will also clean your reg files correctly as well, but please remember to reboot between doing a disc cleanup and a reg cleanup.

    Defaggler will defrag your drive quickly and cleanly.

    This will help you, (I promise).

    This is a completely free download and will not harm your system in any way.

    Please use any “Filehippo” links as these are free download links.

    That will sort out your HDD problems.

    Now please do this as well:-

    From your start menu go start > run then type “chkdsk C:/F” windows will then ask you to reboot your system as your system boots past your BIOS screens it will check and fix any errors on your hard drives for you, then it will boot back into windows again.

    This should fix all your problems for you (well I hope so).

    This will free up all your free space on your HDD so windows can then work correctly again.


    Also please do a REG file cleanup as this is the most common cause of slow systems.

    Your system is full of rubbish and just needs a good cleanup so windows will then run correctly again.

    This is completely FREE, easy to do, and most importantly WORKS so why not try this first??

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    7 years ago

    the easiest way to get the key is to buy it from ms online store, right? but it is a little expensive

    my friend recommended strongly oggus com to me, and i visited the site. it looks good. however, i don't buy anything yet as i don't need it at present. in the future, i may buy one there.

    maybe you can try, and let me know whether it works. XDDDD

  • 7 years ago

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