How is the Cadillac STS?

Was going to get a 10yr old X5, but after hearing that they're in the shop every other month for $5000/yr repair, I may go with a 4wd STS. 4.6L engine good?

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  • 6 years ago
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    THEY TOTALLY SUCK and GM was SUED over them with NORTHSTAR SETTLEMENT .com and NOW so are the 3.6 engine featured in the CADDY and even CHEVY cars! GM UNDER engineers nearly everything they do, and DELIBERATELY choose inferior parts from the GET GO! I think of GM as the BIBLE passage, 'THEY LOOK GOOD ON THE OUTSIDE but on the INSIDE they are nothing but rotting bones." this is an EXAGGERATION a bit, but GM makes the SAME IDENTICAL mistakes over and over again WITH no CHANGES AT ALL! They lost FIVE division already with more to come MAYBE as more and more of their defects are discovered and publicised! They made LOTS of unsafe trucks and cars in the 709's - 80's as well and the ASTRO VAN was one of the WORST in crash tests, n\but GM continued to make it ANYWAYS! The BMW X5 is NOT really a MONEY PIT< but it depends upon HOW they were cared for by the FIRST OWNER! VALVOLINE and PRESTONE will RUIN THEM as tar and sludge mount and BAKE INTO THEM! BMWS that got REAL EUROEPAN FLUIDS fro mpetosin and ravenolhad\ ZERO issues but TIRES and BRAKE PADS! The AUDI Q5 is even BETTER in many ways and an ENVIOUS machine to own! BMW, AUDI VW and BENZ share the SAME SUPPLIERS and BMW X5 and X6 are made in the USA!! NORTHSTAR was ALSO sued! Gm seems to do nearly EVERYTHING WRONG and gets caught with it corporate PANTS COMPLETELY DOWN!

  • C7S
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    6 years ago

    Yes they are pretty good. That is why they are commonly used as limo's and luxury taxi's. I see many of them with well over 300,000 miles.

    They are also extremely comfortable and quiet, like driving a bed. They may not be as reliable as an Acura or Lexus or Infiniti, but they are more reliable than the BMW X5 for sure.

  • 6 years ago

    You really are a gluten for punishment, aren't you? What part of unreliable don't you get?

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