Macbook Pro Battery Life DIES SO QUICKLY?

I just purchased my macbook pro 13 inch about 2 weeks ago and the battery dies so quickly. I have the brightness on the lowest setting and the keyboard light completely off and the only thing I'm running is a word document to type up my essay.

I'll be at 90% and the battery will die in about 2 hours...

I know it's supposed to last for at least 6 so what am I doing wrong?

My activity monitor says that my computer is 98% idle and that google chrome takes up the most power...

Thanks all

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  • 7 years ago
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    "I know it's supposed to last for at least 6"

    No way. It is supposed to last "UP TO" 6 hours. Those two words "UP TO" are the two most difficult to see in the English language.

    Test with Safari, no Youtube, no video watching, no games.

    Google Chrome uses SIX TIMES the memory as Safari, so it will drain the battery faster.

    Did you buy the computer from Apple? If not, maybe it is a demo model, and has been used a lot. Check the cycles...

    Top menu bar > Apple logo > About This Mac > More Info > System Report > Hardware > Power

    The number of cycles in two weeks should be between 2 and 20, depending on if you have a life away from the computer and if you stay unplugged most of the time.

    If you have a habit of plugging in the power adapter after only one hour of battery use (say, 80%), that causes a "memory glitch". You can rejuvenate the battery by running it all the way down, charging it to 99% or 100%, run it down again, and charge it to 100%.


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