If I paste Whisky on my skin, and cut my skin, it won't hurt ?

Will liquor with high percentage of alcohol be able to use as painkiller to cut skin ?

How about paste whisky on skin and pluck hair by tweezers, would I able to pluck hair without pain or less pain ?

Is it not good for skin to paste high percentage of alcohol of liquor on skin ?

How many percentage would be safe ?

Everclear, spirytus are not good for skin ?

Vodka, whiskey would be fine ?


I am not going to actually do surgery or cut myself.

I am just saying this if I do it.

Pluck hair from body hurts, if I paste whiskey on skin, will It not hurt to pluck hair. Can it be a painkiller ?

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    The doctors don't wipe your skin with alcohol before an incision or injection in order to reduce the pain, they do it in order to disinfect the skin. Alcohol does not in any way act as a pain killer (other than when taken internally in sufficient quantities!). In any case, the correct term in this context would be anaesthetic, not pain killer (analgesic).

  • RoyS
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    6 years ago

    Alcohol, applied topically (on the surface) is not a painkiller; in fact, when poured on a wound, it will burn like hell. The pain killing effects you are thinking of are when alcohol is drunk in quantity; then, it dulls the senses, but, it's still not a very good pain killer.

  • 6 years ago

    LOL..planning on performing surgery on yourself to save a bit of cash are you my dear? Hint- if you can't pluck your brows without worrying about pain..then I am pretty sure you better not plan on self surgery. Gangrene is quite painful after it sets in. Aside from lockjaw.

  • Leo D
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    6 years ago

    It doesn't work that way. Alcohol is a disinfectant not a painkiller

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