Why is it wrong to have your own opinion?!?

People annoy me by insulting thoughts on religion, gay pride, patriotism, fashion, size, weight, accent, and other things.

I am agnostic atheist being in a small town with a church every other block you can get influenced by religion or annoyed by it. I don't like gays when they say gay pride like if they did something to be proud of, they are very sexual and they scare me, which moves on to my other problem size and weight. I'm small and fat so I am judged a lot so let's get out the red carpet and have fat pride, if there is such thing then that's ******** to, I've always have been very anti social. I was born in Portugal but my father was abusive so me my brother and my mom moved to England where the other half of our family lived, when I was two years old we moved to Canada where I grew up around 8th grade I was picked on by people for being fat, short, younger than them, being Portuguese, being British, and being Canadian because we had allot of immigrants, so being from the three countries I don't see the point being proud of my counties, British are rude, Canadians are hypocrites, and Portuguese people don't really have a set of cultural differences because it was ruled by China for 400 or so years and ruled by others for hundreds of other years. And of course fashion this includes overpriced things too I've been judged for wearing long socks wearing "old man shoes" us branded clothing and I've always been cheap when buying.


Please don't judge others for what they think You don't know what they have been through. Before you say I'm a hypocrite think of someone saying "oh, your don't believe in god? You must be a satanist." When I'm saying "oh you believe in god? Nice I respect you and what you believe in I just don't believe the same thing." Also when I talk about this I am talk about first world countries like Western Europe and North America.

Update 2:

I say some things here that are not easy to say because the internet is so diverse of people but please look at this and please don't take offence I know I am a hypocrite but like I said I am anti social and I have problems with saying what I'm thinking.

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    You're going to be annoyed a lot more often because most people insult & criticize other people on those topics you mentioned on a daily basis throughout their lives. It will always be in your face too....whether it is in a public setting or through the entertainment world-(media, radio, television, magazines, internet, etc). Not only that, people's lives are threatened & destroyed because of many reasons having to do with religion, politics, vanity-(appearance) and greed. It is a problem within human nature throughout our society that many people may view as a normal, when in reality it doesn't have to be that way. People can make life difficult for themselves and in effect their ignorance & problems make it difficult for other people in the process. You can still have your opinion about whatever subject you base it on, but you just have to accept that there will always be somebody, group of people, or millions of other people who aren't going to agree with you on your opinions. After all....we all have our own belief systems-(religious, secular, political, philosophy, etc), values-(what we see or feel is important or less important, etc), and moral compass-(what see believe to be right or wrong). That is how human nature works. Another thing, just because you have a misguided & prejudice belief about the LGBTQ community doesn't mean that your opinions about us are true. I'm bisexual and I am not promiscuous...meaning that I don't go out of my way sleeping with everyone or go publicly in that way seeking everyone's attention. I am a very sexual person and proud of who I am as an individual who is part of the LGBTQ community. I don't see anything wrong with being a sexual person. If I wanted to express my love for another person publicly or behind closed doors or if my partner wanted to express their love for me in the same way...then that is our business...not yours. You complain about people believing or expressing that your views towards people like us are wrong, but you also come across as a hypocrite because you are doing the same thing you accuse others of doing. I see straight people act the same exact way that you accuse gay people of acting...so you can't just generalize & slander all gay people of doing such things. For all we know...you might be one of those overly sexual, proud, and judgmental people in your daily life....not just how you presented yourself to be on Yahoo Answers on the LGBTQ section. Take a look at your own flaws before you seek to point out the flaws of others....because you are not perfect or better than the rest of us. :)

  • mariah
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    7 years ago

    It's not wrong to have your own opinion, you're absolutely right, so therefore you shouldn't judge people because of having one, or discriminating them because of so, when you say that you don't like gay people because they're too sexual and you're scared of that, you're not only stereotyping them but also pre-judging them because of their condition which goes contrary to what you're trying to state. I'm an agnostic atheist too and also gay, and also very respectful of other's ideas.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It's okay

  • pmaxu
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    7 years ago

    It's not wrong.

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  • Tom S
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    7 years ago

    Do you feel better now thats out?

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