Need help finding the name of a French movie?

It was subtitled 'I married a ghost'..It starts off with a boyfriend 'Franck" abandoning his pregnant girlfriend. She then takes a train, meets a young couple and tries on the wedding ring of the young woman, The train then crashes and she survives, taking the identity of the young woman.


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  • DeeDee
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    7 years ago

    The plot reminds me of Mrs. Winterbourne (1996) starring Ricki Lake.

    Another version is this French one called: J'ai épousé une ombre (1983) aka I Married a Shadow

    "I Married a Shadow" is much more serious, more of a film noir. It is a beautiful film about a young lady in the last month of pregnancy who is running away from her abusive boyfriend by train. She is befriended on the train by a lovely and friendly woman who is also in her 9th month of pregnancy. This woman is on her way to the Provence region of France with her new husband, the father of her baby. She is French but met her new husband, also a Frenchman, in the U.S. She has no family of her own, has never met her new in-laws, and is on her way to their vineyard to meet them. The woman and the younger, abused lady spend hours talking about their hopes and dreams. The young lady also befriends the new husband. She asks if she can try on the woman's new wedding ring. As soon as it is on her finger, the train crashes, killing most people on board, including the new husband and wife, and severely injuring the single young lady. From her engraved wedding ring, and the fact that her injured body is lying next to the newly married young man, and the man's parents have never met or seen their new daughter-in-law, she is quickly identified by the grieving parents as their daughter-in-law, carrying their unborn grandchild. When the young lady finally awakes from her coma, the entire family is there, embracing her with open arms and telling her they will love her like their own daughter and help her raise their new grandchild.


    Nathalie Baye ...


    Francis Huster ...


    Richard Bohringer ...


  • 7 years ago

    That is exactly the plot of Mrs. Winterbourne and it is not a French film.

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