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Question about Canadian and American citizenship?

If an American travels to Canada and marries a Canadian, does he/she automatically get Canadian citizenship and if a Canadian marries an American, does he/she automatically get American citizenship?

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    NO and you can marry each other under the local laws of wherever you choose anywhere in the world. You will be Spouses.

    You do not get the others citizenship nor do you get to live in the other country just by getting married.

    You can usually visit each other.

    Each visit is decided by the Border Officer for how long you can stay.

    To move you first apply for a Visa. the easiest is the one sponsored by your spouse.. If you get that then you can move to the other country.

    After a few years of being a good resident and staying a couple you may qualify to apply for citizenship.. If that is granted then you become a Dual citizen and can go back and forth between the two countries. YOUR SPOUSE needs to do the same thing to cross freely.

    Until they get a second citizenship they can only visit in the other country.

    The children are born Citizens of both countries so they have it much easier.

    You DO NOT have to give up your citizenship when you get the other one. You also DO NOT have take the citizenship of the other country if you do not want to.

    You would just be classed as a Permanent Resident.

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    citizenship is never automatic.. you file for many years down the live

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  • 6 years ago

    The answer to both questions is no

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