Ebay help! When can I keep money?

I recently sold some sports cards for $200 on ebay. I sent a cancellation request because some cards had got damaged. I told him I would refund full money. However, he denied the cancel transaction request and will not answer my messages at all. It has been 2 weeks and payment is in my payapl. If I refund money I just lost final value fees of $20. sounds like he doesn want money though. When, legally, can I keep the money. I don't want to spend it then have hime request a refund and im in trouble. How long do I wait before spending money, 30 days?

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  • Yeti
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    If you're not sending the cards, it's his money, period. You are not entitled to keep it no matter what.

    A cancellation request fully cancels everything, including your obligation to issue any refund. You MUST fully refund the buyer FIRST, THEN you can ask to cancel the transaction. If the buyer has been refunded, and everything back to square one, THEN it can be canceled.

    The buyer is right to refuse the cancellation. You must refund FIRST.

    It is not that the buyer does not want the money (or cards). They have no obligation to deal with your messages. If you're out $20, that's your problem. The buyer did nothing wrong -- you did. Stop messaging and wasting their time. Send the cards or refund the money. There's no need to message.

    If you issue a full refund immediately, you might get out of the situation without negative feedback or a complaint/case on your account. If the buyer has to open a case, you can be guaranteed negative feedback, eBay potentially suspending or banning you, and the buyer WILL still be refunded from your funds.

    You CANNOT legally keep the money. PERIOD. Don't even think about it.

    [...And frankly, the fact you're even trying to figure out how to keep the money rather than do the right thing does show that you should not be permitted to sell on eBay. Do you seriously think the buyer is fine with you keeping their $200? That it "sounds like" they don't want it? The main question on the buyer's side right now is if what you're doing is going to end up criminal or not. If your messages to them are saying things like how you're going to keep the money because they don't want it, you're likely already demonstrating criminal intent. Seriously dude, refund in full immediately before you have far bigger problems than $20.]

  • 6 years ago

    You can't keep it and you know that.

    You do not need his permission to transfer money through PayPal either and you know that, all you have to do is send him the money

    Your lost value is your fault not his, you will have to return all of his money, and I am betting you found a better offer somewhere else and this is why you do not want to sell to the first buyer.

    It is your fault that YOOU want to cancel the transaction, not the buyers, and he will file a claim against you and PayPal will refund the money directly out of your account and if you close it, which I am betting you will try to do, they will take it out of the credit card/bank account you used to open your PayPal account and if you close that, they will just sue you.

    So do yourself a favor, just return the money and save yourself a lot of hassle down the road

  • NA
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    6 years ago

    Take photos of the damage and send them to him. Show him exactly what he will get for his $200.

    He is thinking you didn't get the money you wanted, so you cancelled the transaction--which isn't allowed.

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