If He Doesn't Trust Me, I Don't Trust Him.?

I've been in this relationship for 3 years. I really want it to last. Ever since June 5th that I found out about his plans with trying to get another girl I distrusted him. He was texting his friend that he was practically tired of doing me and wants to someone else. He talked about bringing the girl to his. That lead me into depression for a month and I broke up with him. He called me like crazy and also my mom and asking her where I'm at. I felt ready to move one. A week before we broke up I was searching for another guy on this dating website. A week after the break up I went on a date with him. A week later I went on another date. I went all the way. Then another week later I wanted to go back with my boyfriend. We had 3 weeks off. I was going to keep it a secret from him but I told him. Then we both had trust issues. He begged me for those 3 weeks straight like crazy. So I took him back because I missed him. It's been a month now since all that happened. I get him though. But I wasn't with him when that happened and I even told him, if you forgive me then you can take me back. I told him I was going to keep a secret but I'm to much of an honest person. Now for me, every time I don't text right away he says I'm with another guy. For some reasin when he doesn't trust me, I don't trust him. Some of the picture he tagged me in seemed like "I'm going to do what you did to me." Scared he'll cheat when he has his moments of not trusting me. Advice for trust issues? :/

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    6 years ago
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    Just because you have been in a relationship for a certain amount time and you want it to work doesn't mean that it should or that it will.

    This guy has been very obvious in that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. Clearly, he wants what he wants....even if its two girls to trade off when he gets bored...and he doesn't care about your feelings.

    He knew that by calling you and your mother that he could manipulate you. It obviously worked.

    Your rebound sex encounter was nothing but that....a rebound thing where you felt empowered as if you were "getting back" at your ex. That not the reason to have sex or to date others.

    It sounds like trust is broken on both sounds, even though he started this and you went out with other guys while you were broken up. You could date whomever you wanted....even if it was misguided.

    So, now he has something on you (he thinks) that he will bring up all the time in order to gloss over the fact that he was/is bored with you and wants to date around or sleep around with others.

    You're both at an impasse. Without trust, you don't have a relationship. So...basically, this relationship is over.

    Part ways and stay apart for awhile (longer than 3 weeks). Then you might realize that it's better not to be treated with disrespect and accused of cheating all the time and you'll find some guy who respects and loves you as is.

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    I like H's answer. You sound like someone who's loyal and really takes their relationships seriously. Also, judging by your writing (compared to other's grammar on the Internet) I'd say you're a rather intelligent person, too. I'd say it's time to move on. There are plenty of nice guys out there who'd love to date a girl like you and give you far more respect than this guy does.

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    well im sure hes always been faithful just said mean **** to make you feel like you make him its been more guys than that and you cant handle a made up lie its your secrets that drive yall apart hs over yiu say i break up with you sleep with three guys then get back together then again latet keep pulling the same stunt yeah id cut my **** before he really does start getting hookers

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Drake has trust issues and he seems to manage.

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