Would time travel have an emotional effect of a person?

The other night I had a dream that I could fly. I have dreams that I can fly quite often actually but the last one was different. Not only could I fly but I could time travel while flying. In my dream I started flying around in my home town present day. I got this strange feeling and I embraced it and when I did a weird looking vortex opened in front of where I was flying and I entered it. I time traveled millions of years in the past and saw the earth just after it had formed, before it had any water. The earth was no longer molten but it was kind of like charcoal but not the same, kind of like cooled magma but not the same. there were huge mountains and valleys and it was all the same substance. I flew for a while feeling wind on my face then I decided I should go back to the time that I came from. I opened another vortex and went forward in time, but I did not go to the time that it was before I went backwards in time (confusing?), but I went to when my older brother was really young and Im not sure if I was born yet or not but my older brother was young. He had blonde hair in my dream, which was odd because Ive only ever known him to have brown hair. I walked up to my brother and told him that I was his brother and I came from the future. He looked at me in disbelief and acted as if I was a loony. As soon as I realized that he didnt believe me I woke up. Later that day I called my mom and told her about the dream. I told her about my brothers odd blonde hair and....


...and she told me that his hair WAS blonde when he was a little kid!!! How CRAZY is that!? Now back to the main question. When I traveled back to just after the Earth formed, I had weird emotional feelings knowing that my family didnt exist at this point in time. It felt extremely lonely and scary. I knew that they existed in the future but its just such an intense feeling that you cant forget it. Its really hard to describe. I was wondering if other people have thought about what it would feel

Update 2:

like (psychologically) to actually time travel. The thought never occured to me until during/after my dream. It felt so real! I wish I could record my dreams and play them on a video player for others to see. Thanks for reading and your thoughts.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Hello Zack, What an amazing and detailed dream. The intense emotion that a dream brings is a way of connecting with our waking self to convey a message. Your dream is amazing and although so real, the purpose is to bring you a message. The fact that you would like to replay this dream means that it was a positive experience. Dreams that we want to remember like yours means that you need to remember and emulate the emotional patterns which were imprinted in your mind. What you have seen may be reality but what you need to see is the message in the emotions you felt.

    Dreams show you what is happening in your life using symbolism and emotions you would understand from your life experiences. We may talk a lot about dreams and they symbolism, but in your case as noted about, yours is about an emotional pattern you need to recognize. What was your past in this lifetime like? What form of success and happiness do you hope to embrace in the future? What do you need to do to - what choices do you need to make - what practices do you need to embrace, to find your emotional success and happiness. What emotional patterns in your dreams do you need to make part of your waking life and how do you achieve that. You know yourself and your situations, your feelings, your experiences better than anyone else and therefore is the best one to find these answers.

    Also, please remember that dreams do not offer solutions. They show you what is happening from a different perspective and it is all up to your free will to choose your own direction in life. It is always best to make choices based on your own integrity and best wisdom. Let love and truth always be your guide with the objective of personal happiness while not hurting anyone in the process.

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