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Question about Hitler and holocaust?

This is something I asked my history teacher way back in my school year that he had no answer to.

Soo ok, I understand that Hitler really hates Jews and can't stand them, and that's why he created holocaust. However, he was in a huge war against the biggest countries in the world. He needed a lot of soldiers,, so why not send more than 6 million of his Jews to fight in a war? Why create this entire concentration camp that requires a lot of people and resources to control? A lot of people he hated would die and he would easily win the war, considering the fact that he was almost on the verge of it. I would be really surprised if he though that Italy and Japan would be enough power to withstand the entire world.

I am not saying that HItler is a good man, because he was obviously a terrible person just like Stalin was; but seeing that this mind-blowing smart army leader would do something this stupid with holocaust is beyond believable. Can anybody explain his logic? Why waste all the resources and people, when you can send millions to war and have bigger chances of winning?


Ok, I guess you don't understand what I am trying to say.

IF Hitler knew he was going to star a war then he shouldn't have build holocaust in the first place and take away all the jewish rights. He should have just send them all to army and fight in the war. Once it would be war, he could do his own thing.

This is not a question about morality, its about strategy as an army leader.

By the way a lot of Jews in the holocaust were German, so yeah he could totally use them

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    The Holocaust was not decided upon until the war had already started, and most European Jews caught in the Holocaust were not Germans anyway (they were mostly living in Poland) who could not be considered to be reliable soldiers (or, to racists like the Nazi leadership, acceptable as soldiers in the German uniform).

    In addition, to the Nazi leadership, the Holocaust had the benefit of eliminating the need to feed the Jews of Europe (Nazi Germany was always obsessed with food supplies, partially because of memories of WWI, partially because Germany and in fact most of Europe were net food importers, and partially because of the importance of farmers and agriculture in Nazi ideology) without the other negative effects of uncontrolled famine (namely violence and disease). As far as men like Himmler, Heydrich, and Backe were concerned, investing in the death camps (not every concentration camp was designed from the start for mass executions, though most of them did have that capability by the end of the war - many were basically designed as large, nasty prison and labor camps) made economic sense.

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    Fortunately Hitler did not have your loose grasp on reality and your astounding intellect.

    The Jews that were killed were not all German or Austrian natives, the majority did not live in either nation, Poland was particularly heavily hit, but so were Jewish populations from the Soviet Union to France and Norway to Greece.

    And the war started before the Holocaust did.

    And Jews would not have fought for a regime that reviled them, despite the fact that many German Jews had fought in the First World War. But if you think it is good strategy to arm 6 million people that don't like you and then turn them loose, then there is little hope for your military career.

    btw many of the 6 million (ignoring, like you have the other 5.5 million victims of the Holocaust) were either too old or too young or too infirm or too female to have contributed.

    I suspect that your history teacher was hoping your question was all a dream and he did not wake up to discover that one of his pupils had been so let down by the educational system.

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    Hitler and other high ranking Nazis, in particular Himmler, were not rational in their hatred of Jews. With early victories at the start of the war, certain Nazis recognized the opportunity for a "final solution" that was truly final. Throughout the war, methods of mass murder were developed and refined, killing not only 6 million Jews, but at least as many others, from gays to gypsies, to Soviet prisoners.

    Once the war started to turn, the SS leadership was too invested in their program of extermination to turn back. There was also the issue that each Nazi leader fought for his share of resources, power, and prestige. This meant that leaders like Goebbels or Himmler or Goering cared less about the overall good of the war effort than they did their own personal goals. Goebbels pulled tens of thousands of soldiers off the front lines in the later years of the war to make movies. Goering squandered tight resources on developing the wrong planes until it was too late. And Himmler prioritized the destruction of Jews over the war effort. Not only did he tie up manpower and resources, he actually diverted trains in order to keep feeding the death camps. As for Hitler, he was locked away and isolated, probably unaware of all the waste. Certainly, in the last months he was so delusional he was issuing orders to military units that didn't exist. So he had no idea of how much Himmler was diverting for the destruction of the jews. Even if he was, he may well have approved, seeing their destruction as his vengeance for Germany's defeat.

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    Well most of the Jews killed in the Holocaust were not Germans. Most of them came from countries in Eastern Europe like Poland and Russia and so wouldn't necessarily be inclined to fight for Nazi Germany.

    But racist anti-semitism was baked into the very nature of National Socialism. They couldn't get around that with logic. Yes, the Holocaust cost resources that could have been used at the front, both in terms of the people who were killed and in terms of the German personnel needed to run the camps. But keep in mind that they considered Jews to be irredeemably evil. They thought they were helping Germany out by getting rid of the Jews. And they wouldn't have trusted even German Jews to fight for them anyway.

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    In Hitler`s view World Jewry was associated with Bolshevism . He along with many Germans blamed the Jews for Germany losing WW1 , Hitler wanted to destroy `Jewish - Bolshevism , Jews and Marxism were synonymous in Hitler`s thinking . Russia and the Jew dominated his thoughts and actions, in one of his speeches ( speaking of Russia ) `The giant empire in the east is ripe for collapse . And the end of Jewish rule in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a state . It would have been impossible, given his thinking to assimilate German Jews ( or any other Jews into German institutions . Even at the end he was still blaming the Jews for Germany losing WW2 .. The amount of German Jews would have made no difference to the outcome of the war , even if Hitler did not hold his views on the Jews . In 1933 there were approximately 500, 000 Jews living in Germany , just under 1% of the total population . The numbers of German Jews would not have altered the outcome

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    Because Hitler wasn't a very smart man.

    Quite often he bought into the stupid ideas which the nazis churned out, like that Germans were warrior supermen and no Jew could equal them. In his personal mythology, it was the Jews who had cost Germany victory in the first world war, because how could anyone beat the Germans?

    You see this in his treatment of the Slavs as well. Any sane man would have flipped the population of most of the Soviet Union, "freeing" them, yet Hitler's ideology required him to treat all slavs as subhumans, fit to work, not fit to fight.

    As for concentration camps. Those camps maintained his control as they were filled with his political enemies and the forced labor made his government money. Working people to death is cheap.

    Your problem is that you revere Hitler as being a "mind-blowing smart army leader" when the truth is he wasn't. Hitler was a poor leader who broke his country for over fifty years.

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    Is there some reason that your teacher has given you no reading list of good books dealing with the history of WW II, and in fact of the years from 1933 onwards leading up to it? Or could you not go to your local library [I'm assuming your town has a library] and borrow some books yourself? Because I get the impression you have been very badly taught and your ideas are a confused mishmash as a result. You need to read books by real academic historians like Ian Kershaw.

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    Why would the Jews fight for the country that is holding them captive? More than likely they would simply defect.

    Morale is important in combat, and given the antisemitism that the Nazis operated under I don't think there would be good morale at all.

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    Not a camp. About 20,000 camps.

    "Between 1933 and 1945, Nazi Germany established about 20,000 camps to imprison its many millions of victims."

    And the 6 millions Jews ? He also killed 24 million Russians. [his goal was 130 million Russians]


    One thing you are overlooking. Technology. Hitler was close, in 1942, to having a Stealth Bomber, jet powered, with Nukes to reach the United States.

    Below is an actual scale model of the Nazi design.

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    Hitler started wars against a bunch of countries still sick of war after WW1

    When the US got into the action Hitler didn't look so smart, now did he?

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