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What are some anime like 07-ghost, Vampire Knight, and Fruits basket?

Im looking for a supernatural/magic (Definatly! or if like fruits basket where there is fighting) with a good balance of romance*, comedy and action! Oh and attractive anime!! I enjoy either a strong main role or someone protecting the main role I enjoy stuff with contractors, mythical beings(vampires) and maybe some death stuff!

Other animes that I like, and wish for the ones you recommend to be similar

The Black Butler

Pandoras Box

Kaze No Stigma

Thanks in advance if any descriptions or videos of the anime could be shown I'd be grateful!

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    Gakuen Alice - About a girl named Sakura Mikan who goes to Alice Academy where they have powers called Alices in order to be with her best friend Hotaru. The romance isn't with her best friend. Its with a mean, cold guy who's name is Natsume. This is a typical 'energetic girl with cold guy' type of romance. It's cute :)

    Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - This anime has angels and stuff. It's pretty cute. It's about a girl who has a dream about a prince, and one day, there is a new transfer student who looks someone like the prince. It's weird because the one who looks EXACTLY like the prince is his brother, but she doesn't fall in love with him. Beware, in EVERY episode, she says 'Dear prince'. It's a cute anime

    Kyoukai no Kanata - Now THIS one, I recommend. The girl is a unique anime character (to me), although it might get annoying by how frequently she says 'Fuyukai-desu' meaning 'How unpleasant'. This is about a Spirit World Warrior named Mirai who is saved by half-youmu Akihito from suicide. She suddenly stabs with a sword made out of her blood (that is her power), and find that he doesn't die. She is sent to kill him due to his power being the most destructive of all, but with their daily encounters, can she? You obviously might know the answer to that. And by the way, he loves bespectacled beauties, and she wears glasses, so it made me think that he mainly liked her because of her glasses. But that's not it :)

    Mirai Nikki - This anime is about 12 or 13 Diary owners who are competing in a game where only 1 survives. They must kill each other before the world ends, and the survivor will become the God of Time and Space. Their phone allows them to know what will happen in the future, and if they get a 'Dead End' they will either die, or they can change their Dead End by doing I don't know what.The main characters are Yukki and Yuno. Yuno is an obsessive stalker and will literally kill anyone who likes Yukki, and Yukki depends on Yuno to protect him. They were paired up, and at first, he only sees her as someone who will protect him at any cost, but later on, their relationship progresses. It's pretty confusing, but amazing. The main guy may **** you off.

    Sword Art Online - A guy named Kirito is trying the new online MMORPG game called Sword Art Online. He is one of the lucky 10,000 to get a hold of it, but then, he, along with many players, find out that the log out button isn't there anymore. How will he be able to log out? Beat all the 100 floors. It's not easy AT ALL. During the game, he encounters Asuna, a highly skillful player, and well, they fall in love. It does show romantic scenes which I LOVE. There is a second season, but I don't really like the fact that fact that Asuna isn't the main girl character. It's another chick named Sinon. And the 2nd season is about a game called GGO. I shouldn't say the 2nd season is romantic, because, well, they don't really show Asuna a lot, and of course, I don't want him to be with Sinon. Amazing anime :)

    Noragami - One day, Hiyori saves a god named Yato from a bus, and later, she finds out that whenever she's unconscious, she ends up having a tail and going into the Spirit World, or when she goes to the Spirit World, she finds that she's unconscious. Yato's dream is to build a beautiful shrine and have 1 billion followers. This anime doesn'; really show romantic scenes, but it is hinted between Hiyori and Yato. And of course, there is another character named Yukine who is Yato'; right hand man. Cute anime

    Otome Yokai Zakura - I just finished watching it, and it's pretty awesome. It's about girls who are half-spirits that get assigned partners which are part of the military (I think). One guy in particular, Agemaki, is scared of half-spirits, and so are many other humans. His partner is the energetic, powerful Zakuro. This isn't mainly about him being with her and not being scared of spirits anymore, but it happens. there are also other pairs, Riken and Susukihotaru, and Ganryu and the 2 twin sisters, Bonbori and Hozuki. It's a cute anime

    Angel Beats- I'm warning you, this is pretty sad. This anime is about high school students that have died and go to the high school in the afterlife. One guy in particular, Otonashi, is there because he died of starvation after a train accident. Another girl, named Tenshi, who is at first hated by almost everyone, realizes that after Otonashi died, his heart was donated to her. Her purpose of going to the afterlife was to properly say thank you to the one who saved her life.When student's dreams/goals in the afterlife are accomplished, they are reincarnated and are able to go back to Earth. This is action filled and is awesome and cute!

    Cuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! - I'm also warning you, do NOT watch if you hate SLOW romance. There is a high school student named Yuuta who is trying to get rid of his 8th grade syndrome, but end ups encountering Rikka, his apartment neighbor who has 8th grade syndrome. With her being around all the time, will he end up leaving his old life, or will he end up dealing with it and I don't know what else? The second season they date, but they can't end ******* KISS! I'm so sorry for the badword, I can delete it but I;d rather not. The 2nd season just pissed me off because they have not progressed at all. Just a simple peck on the cheek. It's a cute anime though. At least try the 1st season!

    Inu x Boku SS - This is about a girl named Rirchiyo and her servant named Miketsukami who both have great power. Him being the Kyuubi, and her having some sort of power. He adores her in every way, and literally, he acts like a dog. It's in the title. 'Inu'. He is pretty protective, and there are also other relationships such at Karuta and Watanuki, and Nobari and Renshou (they aren't together, but I ship them). Typical master-servant relationship, but it's really cute. Her personality is somewhat not appealing If someone says 'Oh, you look pretty!' Her response? 'Hmph, I can see that' or 'That's not surprising' I don't think that happens in the anime though. WATCH IT! :D

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    Inuyasha - Kagome is a normal girl. One day, she falls into a well, and is transported into feudal Japan. She finds that she possesses the Shikon Jewel, and must protect it from demons. Soon after her arrival, the Shikon Jewel is shattered, and she has to set off on a journey to collect the shards of the Shikon Jewel, with half-demon Inuyasha there to help her. This is a really funny and romantic anime. 164 episodes.

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    ..i recommend these

    chrome shelled regios

    kami-sama hajimemashita

    hiiro no kakera

    karin (vampire)


    uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru


    hatenkou yuugi


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