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Uncycled Tank 0ppm?

My tank is uncycled and it has been one day. For some reason everything is 0ppm and pH is 7.6.

I have: 6 Neon Tetras, 1 Water Wisteria, 1 Marimo Moss Ball, and a Sponge Filter all in a 5 gallon tank.

Why is this? Maybe the fish just didn't produce enough waste or what?

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  • Robert
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    6 years ago
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    You are correct. Your tap water doesn't have nitrites, nitrates or ammonia, and one day is not long enough for them to produce any measurable waste. If you don't add some filter media or gravel from a cycled tank or a bottle of Bio spira, in about a week as you feed them your ammonia will go up first. It takes several days in an uncycled tank for the fish to tox themselves out. Neons are small and produce ammonia fairly slowly, but at the risk of trying to cycle the tank with them in it, I would add Bio Spira or Safe Start and just cycle the tank overnight with bottled nitrifying bacteria.

    Source(s): Robert Price, Phd, Ichthyology, Board of Directors, Brooklyn aquarium Society. Bio Spira.
  • Ianab
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    6 years ago

    You still have clean water after one day because the fish are only small, and don't make a lot of waste. This is a good thing at this point.

    Also, live plants absorb ammonia as they grow, and actually form part of the tanks cycle. This part is already working. If you have enough plants, and not many fish, the plants may actually BE the entire cycle, and you never actually get to the nitrate stage. All the nitrogen goes into new plant growth. Probably not going to happen in the tank you have as theere aren't enough plants, but it will have an effect.

    If you are going to get an ammonia spike, you will see this after about a week, so keep testing eveyr few days.


  • 6 years ago

    It takes a little time for ammonia to build upp. But it should happen fast, Your tests may be wrong or bad. Neons are sensitive fish, they need to be added to a cycled 20 gallon or larger tank. I suggest you return then as most of them will not survive through the tank cycle.

  • Gary C
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    6 years ago

    After just one day, the small fish you have there haven't produced enough waste to register on your tests.

    But they will.

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