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PHP Website Help?

I have two social networks programmed in PHP. Website #1 makes you sign up for an account, Website #2 also has you sign up, I want it so when I sign up for Website #1 it automatically creates the same account for Website #2. I basically want to combine two websites together so you only have to sign up for one but have full access for both, so when you change you profile picture for Website #1 the change is automatically carried to Website #2. Do you get what I'm trying to achieve? I just want a general idea on how I would achieve this.

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    Well what other proposed is correct. Moreover there is one more solution if u want to keep different databases...

    You need to integrate a script in your signup method which will create a new db server connection and then run your insert query.after all this dont forget to close your db connection created...

    I hope thats what you need, as it will not effect both websites functionalities

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  • 6 years ago

    As Pedro said: use common DB and profiles for both (assuming they are on the same server...)

    If not, you will have to create an API to link the two sites.

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    why don't you use the same Datebase for both websites ?

    i think that this things could be done this way :)

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