Why does the iraqi military preform so bad (persian golf war, iran iraq war,...) and same for the syrian army !?

i am not saying that all arab speaking or muslim countries preform bad at war, algeria fought well, egypt also jordan, iran and turkey but iraqi casualties were extremely high ! and they had poor tactics, as the syrians had when they fought alongside egypt, the egyptians fough well and eventough US replenished the israeli army and helped them, the egyptians managed to capture and protect the suez canal, and then get all of sinai, but the syrian being a lot more in numbers than the egyptians and israelis couldn't fend off small israeli tank platoons and lost way more soldiers than egypt, israel, how come syrian troops and iraelis troops are badly trained and why do they make so bad tactics ?

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    5 years ago
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    Maybe the Iraqis didn't have a well-constructed plan against their enemies, don't blame the whole Iraqi Military for the loses, a big factor for these wars are the war tactics or strategies used by generals & commanders, the weapons used by both the Iraqis & their enemies and the determination of the soldiers to fight. During those wars, their enemies had more advanced weapons & more intelligent generals who knew how to create successful war tactics. Same goes with the Syrian Army.

    Why did you say Israeli troops are badly trained? they've won several wars even though they were surrounded and outnumbered.

    War of Independence (1948–1949)

    Six-Day War (1967)

    Yom Kippur War (1973)

    • Cyrille5 years agoReport

      i didn't say the israelis were badly trained i said the iraqis

  • 5 years ago

    If you put something other than your duty to your country first, your loyalty is not to the country. Many Iraqis are Sunnies or Shittes or Kurds first and an Iraqi second. So when it comes time to stomp down on their own "group" they will not do it.

    There is also the issue of "freedom." If you are an Iraqi soldier you now have the Geneva Conventions to deal with. But if you go over to the other side, you can ignore all the rules of civilization and rape women, behead men, etc and get the blessing of your superiors doing it. Much more fun to be a barbarian and do what you want with no rules.

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    You are incorrect.

    The majority of Arab militaries (and to some extent any Muslim military) have fought very poorly since they achieved independence in post-WWII.

    They have fought poorly due to a number of factors: poor training, extremely bad leadership, poor morale, lack of support from their own nation' poor use of military funding by their national governments, poor confidence in their own abilities, general corruption in Arab societies, lack of national pride, and most of all - the fact that they are Muslim, where the concept of Inshallah kicks in.

    I have seen it first hand multiple times. The average Arab / Muslim sees no reason to train hard, lead well, learn their military trade because it is all "God's will" as to what will happen. The average Arab / Muslim will remain a lazy git and do everything half-assed instead of doing anything that smacks of being difficult or hard. While the concept of "God's will" can be a useful religious term and action, it has no business being what one bases military operations on. As long as an Arab would rather laze about and never actually accomplish anything militarily, then they will continue to be beat.

    This is one of the reasons why the Israelis (who are in fact, very well trained) continually beat Arab militaries.

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      False, not all arab nations are arabs, they just speak arab, and not all arab nations are muslim, and they didn't all fight poorly, many arab as u say nations have well trained soldiers, and israel was saved by america countless times, they win because of america, not because they are better

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    5 years ago

    Well.... It could be because they aren't as well trained as the other militaries. ( don't know if I spelled that correctly ) An example I could give about poorly trained soldiers is the American side in the Revoulutionary War. Until Von Stueben came over and trained our soldiers.... We couldn't get much done.

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  • 5 years ago

    1. Nobody cares about being a Iraqi. Loyalty is to Shia or *****. There is no National unity.

    2. Dying for a check has limits. When troops saw units folding & leaders fleeing. Nobody was going to stand & fight. So they deserted.

    3. Your sketchy history facts have holes & tries to generalize too much.

  • 5 years ago

    I would guess that tribalism, religious factionalism and endemic corruption are large factors.

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