The abortion debate. Which side are you on and why?

Personally I think both sides make very good arguments.

I like that pro-choice empowers women to save having children for when they're ready, financially, physically, and emotionally.

But I also think that pro-life recognizes that choosing to have intercourse or not is the most important choice a woman should make as it's a decision that inherently comes with possible responsibilities and consequences.

Over all, technically speaking I am pro-choice because I don't think I have the right to tell someone what to do with their body, but emotionally I'm pro-life because I believe in taking responsibility for choices we make, and I don't think human life is something we should backspace. In the case of rape or women under the age of 18 I am pro-choice.

What is your stance? Respectful answers please.


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    6 years ago
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    I'm honestly on the fence about the abortion debate. I think that except in the cases of rape or endangerment of the mother's life, women should step up and take responsibility for their action. The thing I don't like about the whole "pro-choice" argument is that abortion is NOT the only choice a woman has. If you have sex, knowing that sex can lead to pregnancy, you are choosing to take that risk. So you have already made your choice.

    But then at the same time, it is not a situation I have ever been faced with. So while I would like to say that if I ever made that mistake I would do the right thing, I don't think you ever really know until you are faced with making that decision. And even the best people screw up.

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    I am pro-life, pro-women, pro-children, pro-family. Everything that celebrates life and family I am pro. Life starts at conception no matter what others say and many scientists now know that, but unfortunately, abortion has been so convenient for both women and men that they fail to accept this fact. Abortion in the first, second and third trimester of a pregnancy ends the life of a baby .. just that simple. It does not matter when it happens, it won't change the way a mother or father will feel later on. Life is sacred and should be preserved at every stage of development. No child should pay for our mistakes with their own lives. I know there will be one day when we all come to realize the atrocities of abortion. The world should see an an end to this holocaust...

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    First of all, 70% of women seeking abortion already have a child.

    So the 'responsibility' bs goes out the window.

    I call it bs because you would never ask someone who doesn't want a dog, can hardly keep themselves fed, and can't afford a doctor to adopt a cat or a dog.

    You wouldn't ask someone who is having mental issues or severe physical health issues to adopt a cat or a dog.

    You wouldn't ask someone who is struggling with school and jobs, or several jobs, or juggling children and sick parents to adopt a cat or a dog.

    Everyone knows that a cat or a dog are time consuming, need to be cared for, need attention, etc. They are a huge responsibility.

    So why is it suddenly responsible to go through a pregnancy with those kinds of concerns?

    Pregnancy isn't something that just happens.

    It has to be cared for.

    A person has to change their diet.

    They have to watch their medicine, which could be medicine that keeps them sane or alive.

    They have to watch how they lift things, the kind of exercise they do.

    They have to watch their emotional state, being in stress is not healthy for a pregnancy.

    They can't have alcohol.

    Pregnancy, in its own ways, requires a far higher level of responsibility than owning a pet.

    Honestly, I have a thousand and one reasons. Since you mentioned responsibility, that's the one I hit.

    I will say this though.

    In the perfect world, abortion wouldn't be needed.

    Every pregnancy would be wanted.

    Everyone would be able to afford it, and every pregnancy would go smoothly with no issues.

    Every pregnancy would be healthy.

    Rape wouldn't exist.

    The fact is, that isn't the real world.

    Taking away abortion so that some people can believe in a fantasy world isn't going to help anyone.

    People have risked their lives in the past to get an abortion they need.

    They will do it again.

    The only thing "pro-life" does is push people into situations where they kill themselves for basic health care.

    The fact that so many of these 'pro-life' people will straight up tell you that they don't care, should tell you what they're like.

    The fact that so many of these 'pro-life' people don't care they're depriving people of cancer screening, std screening, and other health and life saving medical treatment they otherwise couldn't afford in their persuit to end abortion should tell you what they're like.

    "pro-life' has nothing to do with ending abortion.

    'pro-life' would be pro-contraception, pro-sex education, and pro-affordable and accessible contraception. They would be pro-welfare and financial aids that help impoverished mothers with babies and children. They would be pro-affordable daycares. They would be pro-education.

    They're not. Very often, pro-life is anti all of this.

    Pro-choice is about the individual making a choice that's right for them, with the group ensuring they have a choice.

    Pro-life is about a group insuring the individual makes the choice they want that individual to make, while removing any other choice.

    Pro-choice is pro-birth, pro-adoption, pro-abortion, pro-individual and their doctor.

    pro-life is pro-forced birth, pro-forced out adoption, anti-abortion, pro-religion in the individuals health, body, and home.

    This is how a company can tell the employee what medicine they can and can't have.

  • Simply
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    6 years ago

    I don't have a side. I'm not so self righteous as to think my morals should be opposed on anyone else.

    Personally I would NEVER have an abortion. Why?

    If you've ever seen Star Trek and know what the Prime Directive is, You basically get my point.

    Only exception is health concerns for me or baby.

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  • 6 years ago

    "Over all, technically speaking I am pro-choice because I don't think I have the right to tell someone what to do with their body,"

    That is one of the more popular arguments that people use, but stop and tell me, which law doesn't tell people what to do?

    There are many laws which tell people what to do with their bodies. For example, it is illegal to:

    1. commit suicide

    2. drive without a seat belt

    3. Walk outside naked

    4. Engage in Prostitution

    5. Take illegal drugs

    So, there are laws that tell us certain things we can and cannot do with our bodies for (hopefully) the protection and betterment of society.

    That said, when it comes to abortion, there isn't just one body involved. There is an innocent party - a tiny unborn human. Biology has proven that human life begins at conception. People still try to ignore this very relevant fact proven many years ago by saying things like, 'well, it's not really sentient yet, so it's okay." Biology has proven that the moment the sperm enters the egg and conception happens, human life begins.

    So, abortion isn't just "a bodily choice," but the bodily choice to kill another, innocent, human being.

    The more innocent the victim, the more horrific the crime.

    The murder of a child is the most horrific because children are innocent and defenseless. But there is nothing more defenseless than an unborn child. Being ripped apart and suctioned to death is a horrific way to die. Yet, we justify it as choice because whether we want to admit it or not, we live in a warped, selfish, narcissistic, and cruel society who would rather see this happen then take responsibility for their own actions.

    Abortion is definitely a choice. Murder, theft, arson, rape, assault, terrorism, molestation, are choices too. What you have to ask yourself is, "are they good choices," and should these choices remain legal just because you don't want to tell somebody what they can and cannot do?

  • 6 years ago

    I am pro-choice through the end of the first trimester. After that, the only good reason is to save the mother's life. Else, 12 weeks is long enough to decide whether to carry the pregnancy through or not.

  • LizB
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    6 years ago

    I was pro-choice before I had my son, and I'm even more pro-choice now. During my pregnancy I developed a rare complication that very nearly ended my life (it has a 50-60% mortality rate, incidentally). I was completely healthy before I got pregnant. Never overweight, never abused drugs or alcohol, no chronic illnesses, nada. The complication I had can strike any woman of any age and in any pregnancy.

    Although dying form childbirth is rare in the industrialized world, pregnancy and childbirth have MAJOR health implications, and even in this day and age can be debilitating or even deadly. There are women who suffered the same condition I had who are currently waiting on heart transplant lists. *It is that serious.* If a woman is not willing to undertake the risks to hear health and well-being, that is HER decision, no one else's.

  • Momof4
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    6 years ago

    I guess in my mind a fetus is a person, therefore it's not just the mothers body at stake, it's the life of another human being. That sanctity of life is the biggest thing for me. Unless the pregnancy would result in the death of both mother and baby, I am adamantly against abortions. That said, I'm not going to judge those who believe otherwise, I'll leave that up to god, and take my vote whenever the issue comes up.

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    6 years ago

    I'm against Abortion, there's no reason to kill a defenseless unborn child. Science has shown that the fetus has a working brain by the 10th week following conceotion. By the 16th week some fetuses are viable (meaning they CAN possibly live outside the womb). By the 24th week there is NO excuse to kill. Even in cases of rape and incest the woman could have chosen an earlier date to terminate the pregnancy.

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    6 years ago

    Pro abortion during the first trimester. Anyone who says life begins at conception fails to realize that for a good while after conception the "baby" is just a small collection of cells.. You couldn't even tell it were a human if you could look at it.

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