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How bad is an eye that is -10.00 or more?


I know that my prescription is very strong, but I don't know how bad the numbers are. I have terrible eyesight, lol. My vision is really blurry without my glasses.

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    Well yes, that is fairly high myopia. Your eyes are probably very healthy, just quite myopic.

    I have a mother and daughter team of patients who wear - 24.00 and - 18.00 , so as you can see, there is lots of room to go.

    - 10.00 puts you in about the upper 10% of myopes, with about 85% being - 6.00 and less

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  • Emily
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    -10.00 lenses are strong and thick, but what really matters is how well you can see with them. Many people with glasses of -10.00 to -15.00 can see 20/20 or 20/25, and lead perfectly normal lives. If you don't like the appearance of your glasses, try contacts.

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    That's a very strong and thick prescription, I'm glad I've been blessed with better vision, lol.

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