My package is being shipped with UPS.. I'm in NL, Canada it arrived in Moncton,NB Sept 17. Dose it usually stay at arrival scan for days?

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  • SteveN
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    6 years ago
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    You said "UPS" which is a courier company. They are pretty good at tracking their parcels and giving you a good estimate on how long it takes. So whatever they say on the tracking info online should be pretty darn accurate. They use their own private customs brokers, so they can get parcels across international borders very quickly.

    If you actually ordered something from USA and shipped it to Canada, you may have meant USPS, which is United States Postal Service. When something is delivered from them, it only goes to the closest postal warehouse near the border where it crosses into Canada. Canada Border Services inspects the shipment to make sure it is legal to enter Canada and whether you owe any money (duty/taxes) on the purchase. Once it is okay to come into Canada, Canada Post takes over and delivers the parcel the rest of the way. Unfortunately because you have two different corporations handling the shipment, sometimes the details about where the package actually is at this moment is not always up to date.

    If it is UPS, I'd expect it Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon. They probably only prepare and send one truck over the ferry from NB or NS into NL per day. Or they may ship smaller packages by plane if they have a deal with Air Canada to bring mail into Gander.

  • 6 years ago

    UPS is a courier. USPS is the Post Office/Canada Post.

    It arrived on the 17. What time 1AM or 11:59 PM The information may not have been updated.

    The Monton Post Office does not take pride in just stacking stuff up Your parcel is not scanned every few feet as it goes through the sort.

    Contact UPS for their delivery details. Most things from one sort center to the next go ONCE a day. It should go to the NK sorting place Thursday. Expect it today or Monday.

  • JJ
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    6 years ago

    Sometimes they miss the departure scan, so it could already be in transit. Otherwise, since NL is a relatively small and isolated place, it could be waiting for a certain cargo flight that only runs every 2-3 days.

  • 6 years ago

    should be delivered next week.

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