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Is it true that as the cities go bankrupt the Cons want Obama to fail at any cost. Even if it hurts Americans forever.?

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    The Republican strategy for dealing with a Democratic president is to do all they can to destroy him, even if it hurts the country. They figure that whatever their agenda is, they can't accomplish it unless they are in control, so when they're out of control their entire agenda is to get back into control.

    This is why they oppose ANYTHING Obama and the Democrats do or say or want, even if it was something they wanted themselves. They want to get back into power more than they want anything else.

    Obama (like Clinton) wanted to be the Post Partisan President, to get the parties working together on those goals they share (which are a lot!) But the Republicans see that if anything positive is achieved through bipartisan cooperation, the president gets most of the credit. So bipartisan cooperation is just out of the question. They feel they have to oppose ANYTHING Obama does.

    This is why not one single important bill has managed to get through the House. And why in the Senate, Republicans filibuster even their own bills if it looks like Obama might sign them.

    Then they can go on Fox News and say "Look how badly our government works when the Democrats are in power!" 8^P

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    There may be some....we did have years of Democrats, liberals, progressives, etc, do all they could get away with to purposely ruin the economy, fail to enforce or simply disregard laws, without any regard about the nation, it's citizens, or it's security....all to trash Bush or any Republican. Not all, I'm sure, but certainly those in Congress....Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, etc. THEY helped cause the economic disaster, then THEY lied about it.

    There are some Republicans as low & dishonest as Democrats in D.C., but this generalized BS about "cons wanting Obama to fail" is baseless. Many did say they hope Obama fails....his failed legislation, his disregard of the Constitution, his attacks on our rights........that never meant they wanted the country to fail...just to make Obama look bad. That's moronic, he's doing an outstanding job of that all on his own.

    This "wanting the nation to fail" is just the same old lying Democrat fear-mongering in their disreputable perverted lust for power.

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    I just think it's funny that the Con's have Obama bringing diseases to America and he gave the gun to the guy who killed a border guard and he destroyed the economy and started wars. Why was Obama so pissed that he started a war anyway? Wow that's a lot for one man to do considering no bills or laws got passed.

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    The cities, counties and states that are going bankrupt are run by tax and spend liberal Democrats. It has nothing to do with Obama and predates him.

    Obama will hurt Americans forever by impoverishing us, destroying our healthcare system and bringing diseases into the country to cause epidemics, like the respiratory enterovirus occurring now.

    Obama harms the world by weakening the US and stepping out of keeping the butchers away from the innocents.

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    The same guys who cheered when the US lost the chance to host the Olympics because it made Obama look bad?

    The same folks who when given data that shows things are improving instead concentrate on finding stats that are worse?

    The people who complained Obama said "I" too many times when Osama bin Laden was killed?


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    It is true that all cites that are going bankrupt have always ignored conservative advice and have followed the Obama plan.

    It is also true that according to OBAMA, Obama's failure = Americans' success.

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    Are you implying that Obama would be saving America, if not for those pesky cons?

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    we need to get rid of Obama, or at least hope he does no more damage than he's done, or wait till he's OUT OF OFFICE.

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    again, no

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