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Leopard Gecko HELP?!?

I bought 2 "females" 3 days ago...turns out one of them is a male. The pet shop told me they were female, and now they said I can't take him back. They are 4-6 months old, and living in the same terrarium. What do I do? I don't want the female getting pregnant/stressed out...

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    If you cannot put them in separate enclosures, then find one of them a new home. Otherwise buy another cage. Those are your two best options.

    I don't recommend putting a divider in an enclosure that was meant for two to start with. You'd have to have that heat gradient on BOTH sides and make sure they have enough space. Doubtful.

    Pet shops normally have a 1 week policy if anything goes wrong. That's pretty bad on their part. They should at least be able to exchange him since that's their fault.

  • 6 years ago

    There are only two thinks you should do my friend, either buy another tank, which wont cost allot it will only be about 15 to 20 bucks for a 10 gallon which is the bare minimum. Or you can sell one of the two and keep the other. It would be another 40 to 75 bucks if you choose the first one I listed. If you choose the second choice I listed you can get about 25 bucks or more depending on what morph the leopard gecko is. I am sorry but that is the only options you got man. I hope this helps :)

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    As a temporary measure, until you can either buy a new terrarium, or find a new home for one of them, put up a cardboard divider. Make sure it goes across the heat gradient (so both of them can get to both the warm and cool sides of the tank).

    But you need to either get a second tank, or re-home one of them.

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    Put the male in a old shoebox with a lid. He will be fine until you can next got to the pet store and buy another terrarium. Or sell/give him away.

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  • 6 years ago

    I only have 1 terrarium so i can't keep them separately

  • Tris
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    6 years ago

    Put them in separate enclosures until you can find someone to take on of them. Or keep them both in different enclosures.

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