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American Football: Justified or Overreacting: The Redskins Football Team Name?

Do The People realize how many horrid things Caucasians have done over the years? Yet, we seem to have this ability to learn and MOVE ON. Yet, for some reason particular races don't or just plain refuse to have that ability. It's a bloody football team,

Hunger, Cancer, AIDS, this is what Native Americans want to focus on; before anyone asks yeah I am 'The White Man' and no 'I don't Get It'.

I'm asking for enlightenment, Enlighten me.

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    Native americans face a host of problems. Most of them stemming from the fact that people don't recognize us as human beings. Being constantly depicted as a cartoon stereotype, as a Hollywood indian, as a Halloween costume, as a sports mascot....these are all ways to continue to degrade us, to show us as less than human, as "not real people"....and therefore an excuse to not take us, or our issues, seriously. Exposing the inherent racism in these depictions of us forces people to see us as real human beings, and brings us one step closer to solving our other problems. Btw...did you notice that the panel of redskins fans said they would not have worn their redskins jackets if they'd known they were going to meet real Indians? And the redskin fans at the tailgate party who were dressed as Indians refused to let their faces be shown on camera? They know- on some level- that what they are doing is offensive. Here's another redskin fan....wearing a mockery of a sacred headdress, and a pig mask....yeah.....what do you think a native child feels when they see that people treat their culture with such contempt and disrespect?

    read this- to see the lasting harm done to our youth and community by these things-

    I hope I have enlightened you.

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    The lengths some people will go to in order to excuse and justify their racism, bigotry and hatred is astounding. Really astonishing how many people hate on Indians. I think it's because subliminally, they have a great deal of white guilt, and this makes them feel bad, so they hate them in order to feel better about themselves. That's the only logical explanation.

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    There is no way to put a positive spin on the name "Redskins". But some people are alarmed by the rate that acceptable racial epithets are disappearing and they are desperate to hang on to this one.

    One would think that those people who cry "Tradition!" would be eager to rename the Washington football team since the tradition consists of genocide, stolen land, ethnic cleansing and 300+ treaties that the conqueror had no intention of fulfilling.

  • Lmao.

    You say " do you realize how many horrid things Caucasians have done over the years? Yet have the ability to learn and move on"

    Perpetrators. It's always east for the perpetrators to move on.

    No worry pathetic little zhaaganash . The name will change....and then you'LL have to tailgate with your mayonnaise sandwiches and light beer for a new team. Poor oppressed whites.

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    stfu dave hytmen you are the worst POS of the wrestling section you are the last one who has the right to complain about native americans being discriminated.

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    i have a little native american in me and its not overreacting some pepole dont find it to be a problem but others do.

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