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2ne1 the kpop group has such nice bodies! How can i get their bodies? What excersise do they do and what do they eat?

Ik CL recently lost alot of weight and I'd like to know what they do. I also know that Bom has done alot of diets but im not exaclty how much she eats or anything liek that of if the diets are effective. I've done some reserch but cant seem to find anything. I'd like some advice from you guys on how to loose weight. and some knowledge on 2ne1.

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    Yeah 2ne1!

    Honestly it looks like they're pretty thin and don't lift a lot of weights except maybe body weight exercises to stay toned (obvioiusly dancing keeps you in shape), but I'd say they do cardio.

    Try to do like 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week. And look up body weight pilates, they will help you tone up. Do those maybe 3 times a week.

    For diet, koreans in general eat super healthy, but I read kpop groups cut out most rice when they're trying to lose weight since rice has so many calories.

    So eat mostly veggies with lean protein/eggs, some fruit and limit how much rice/bread/pasta/cookies you eat. For snacks, nuts are good. Yogurt too.

    A day could look like this:

    Breakfast: Half a banana and half apple cut up, 2 eggs cooked how you like

    Snack: something like cut up veggies or like 10 almonds.

    Lunch: steamed veggies with tofu or chicken or lean meat, some kind of spicy sauce (low calorie chili sauce)or kimchi

    Snack (for after workout or if you get hungry before dinner) The rest of the apple and banana from the morning or a low fat yogurt

    Dinner: Some more veggies you could steam or stirfry, A couple spoonfuls of rice if you really want or half a yam, some more lean protein like tofu or chicken.

    Good luck. Naegachae chalaga :)

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    Annyeonghaseyo!! Well, i personally prefer EXO. But 2ne1 is a good group.

    Hmmm well first of all, they dance! As a kpop artist, you should know by now that

    most kpop videos have lots of dancing which requires months of practicing, especially for their concerts which are quite tiring too you know~

    They also burn calories and sweat during these concerts which also contributes as an exercise! They eat quite the same as anyone actually.

    But Park Bom however, practises water diet, where you dont eat for 2-3 days, she just drink water. which can cause you to lose a lot of energy and make you feel unwell, I dont recommend you using this diet though.

    Some diet depends on your body too.. but a good start is by eating more fresh fruits! The water in the fruits are very important and healthy too! Dont eat oily food as well as it can cause you to have acne!!!

    anyeong! :D

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