How much can I sell my year old Dell Inspiron 15z touch for?

I’ve been eyeing the Dell XPS 13” touch, and want to see how much can my old Inspiron sell to.

I bought it a year ago, Dell Inspiron 15z (15.6”) Touch screen Ultrabook with highest configuration (8GB memory, Nvidia GT630M 2G, 3rd gen Intel Core i7-3537U, 500GB, Windows 8)

It has nothing wrong internally, but I dropped it on its corner a few times, so there is a visible infold of corner and a chipped piece (glued on but ugly, length of pinky, width of pen).

Also spilled water on trackpad, and right click doesn’t work

BTW, how much does it cost to fix it? A water damaged right click?

Bought it for $1,142, don’t think Dell improved Inspiron 15z yet.

Anyone with knowledge about how much would it sell to? I live in Ontario if that makes a difference (small town tho).

Thank you :) really hope it can be a good price so I just might have money to buy the XPS, or another touchscreen ultrabook that is more compact than XPS 13?

1 Answer

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