Poem by Maxine Kumin! 10 points!?


This is the poem "The Revisionist Dream". What does the title mean and can someone explain why Kumin goes from talking about "she didn't kill herself that afternoon" to "the dream blew up at dawn"? How does it work chronologically?

1 Answer

  • Thomas
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    The funny thing about this poem is it does not work chronologically. The intent, because of the title,

    is for it to be all over the place, which it was. This poem, as great as it is, takes several reads before

    one can even get a grip on critiquing it. It's a good, contemporary poem, and good study to in liberal

    arts classes....good one to toss around ideas of Revisionist thought, Liberalism, Reviosionsist American, Revionsist New World Order. The poem sparks an interest in many different type discussions, from theater, to the coffee house, to the battlefield, make way ladies and gentlemen, for Maxine Kumin.

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