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Basic GST calculations for a receipt confusing.?

1.) NPL SPARK 24 (9.99) with a deposit of 1.20 and eviro fee W of .24

2.)G2 (56.97 for total prize, 18.99 for one box) with a deposit of 4.20and enviro fee of 2.52

3.)Arizona Tea (53.97 total, 17.99 for one box) with a deposit of 3.60 and eviro fee N of .72

4.)OBRT BF JRKY (15.69 total)

5.)LYRS GUM STW (11.69 total)

6.)same as #5

7.)5 Rain SPRMT (12.69) with TPD/5 GUM(1.20 a tax I think?)

8.)same as #7

9.)5 Cobalt PEP (12.69) with TPD/5 GUM (1.20 tax?)

10)same as #9

11.)KS Snacking (18.79 total)

12.)OBRT BF JRKY (15.69 total)

13.)Snapea crisp (13.89 total)

14.)MIKE &IKE VTY (9.49 total)

15.)same as #14

16.)RSTD seaweed (9.99 total)

17.)SPARK ICE (15.99 total) with deposit of 1.20 and eviro fee W of .72

18.)same as #7

Subtotal 386.60

The GST 5% have to equal 13.96

total: 400.56

cash .00

There are a lot of stuff that I don't even know what it is so I can't really tell which ones require GST or not (I know that bread products don't require GST)

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    food and clothing no GST

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