Why is she so distant all of a sudden?

I recently started a relationship w/ whom is my best friend so things moved kinda fast and we started planning what we wanted out of us... And for the past month everything was going well then all of a sudden one day I'm texting her and she says she has to talk to her father and mother about us and after that it's been downhill w/ the communication she doesn't respond to my phone calls, texts, or even facebook messages... I finally get to see her tomorrow at her house and it just seems like i'm heading into a break up...

2 Answers

  • 6 years ago

    One dude up top is ******* retarded she may be breaking up with she may not be don't go in presuming anything but she prolly got spooked by how fast you were moving and really things may just slow with the progress of the relationship if you put to much in to quickly the relationship loses some of its luster so just talk to her about it and if it doesn't work don't be heart broken there are tons of girls in the world don't feel you missed the one when there are millions upon millions to choose from

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    She definitely wants to break up.

    One of two things happened,

    either one, she found a hotter guy she wants to date (and is probably already hooking up with) and is just using her parents as an excuse.

    Or two, her parents themselves told her that they did not want her to date you and she didn't want to get in trouble with them

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