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i've never been good with summaries, so if someone could please look this over and tell be what they think. (btw it's a summary for act 1 of the crucible)

Act 2 opens in the Proctor household, John Proctor comes home from for dinner to his wife, Elizabeth, and there is an almost tangible awkward and coldness between them. Their forced conversation eventually grows into an argument concerning John's past infidelity with Abigail Williams and Elizabeth’s inability to forgive John’s actions. Mary Warren, their house servant, soon arrives from the court as she is a witness in the trials, and gives Elizabeth a poppet she made all while informing Elizabeth that her name has been mentioned in relation to witchcraft. John and Elizabeth continue their argument, now enhanced by Elizabeth’s fear of Abigail and the other girls' vicious power in the court, but are interrupted by the sudden appearance of John Hale at their doorway. During their discussion, John reveals that he is aware that Abigail and the other girls are lying, but before they could talk about how they’re again interrupted by Mr. Corey and Mr. Nurse whose wives had just been arrested, and are followed by a party that have come to arrest Elizabeth. Ezekiel Cheever, a clerk for the court, discovers a needle stuck in the poppet that Mary gave Elizabeth, which appears to confirm the accusation on witchcraft made upon Elizabeth by Abigail, and Elizabeth is taken away.

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    I would suggest you refrain from run-on sentences. Try to keep your sentences short.

    Good luck.

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      Thank you so much, you are truly a lifesaver!!

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