Blogging sites- how to get started?

I have seen websites posting funny pics on facebook and when we click on them- we are transferred to that site, and these sites earn revenue by displaying ads on their pages.

Are these blogging sites? How do you make them? Where does all the content come from? And how can you promote it?

Please also give info on any resources that can guide me in this field.

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  • Jake
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    6 years ago
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    Yes a lot of those gallery sites are using a blog platform and a theme selection that suits image layouts. Wordpress is the industry Blog engine used by 17% of the top 1 Million sites, Google's is popular and has no paid upgrades like most other "free" hosts.

    Those images are 'found' on other sites, the legality can be questionable, if a problem it's generally resolved when you respond to a cease and desist order email and take an image down.

    Search engines remain the biggest source of traffic, SEO is used to improve ranking and traffic.

    Such a site may well need 10,000 visitors to earn the min $100 payout from the popular Google Adsense ad system.

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