Why does a 'soul' need a body...?


I don't TU or TD any answers to my questions...

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    That is the way God made us,the soul is a soul without the body but the body without the soul is dead.The soul is who you are,your personality,emotions etc.Your body is flesh,so the soul is the operator of the body.

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    Millions of people today have this completely wrong! We each have a Spirit a Truly ancient Spirit, Created long before were were in Flesh and life was Breathed into us as flesh and Spirit together, it is in this union we are a Composit being called a Soul, we do Not have a Soul we are a Soul, as the old saying goes for poor unfortunate fishermen and the like - so many souls have been lost at sea today- this did Not mean a part of a person, but the Whole person Spirit and flesh, the use of the Word Soul has been used, incorrectly long ago to hide the fact that there is No such thing as the Trinity, Almighty God is One! Just as we also are each One person made in His image! the Father in Heaven has always been known to be Spirit(The Holy Spirit) and his vestige has been physical even Flesh in the Form of his Son, and yet one with him, as are we with our Spirit one whole person a unique Soul.

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    To give an analogy, software "needs" a physical machine on which to run for it to be able to do anything useful. As we exist in a material reality consisting of matter, electromagnetic energy, etc. our souls need to be housed within a physical body for us to be able to interact with our surroundings and with each other.

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    It does not. But a body needs a soul to keep it alive.

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