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How Do I Post A Question On Yahoo Awnsers?

Dear Yahoo Adinistrator

How Are You Today I Was Wondering where and how can i post a question to the website i cant find out how to post a question i have been looking for a long time all i can find is search BUT I WANT TO POST MY OWN QUESTION please send a link at the bottom of my question thingy and tell yahoos owner to chang the layout of the website Because the website layout is stupid as sh*t and i cant find anything please help Thank's In Advance Bailey Fargo :)

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    Type your heading in the rectangular box top right where it says whatsup? click details under that, enter your details you can click expand if you want more room click add photo or video if you wish click there, follow the prompts to do so click submit it will now show the category YA chose to place it , if is inappropriate click

    "edit category" above browse for the

    category you want click and choose it, if

    you don't see it

    in the initial list click "All" top line

    left and you 'll see them all to choose a sub category click the main one and from the list choose the sub category, click then


    If you don't choose it at that time you can return later and change the category.

    It's always good to return and choose best answer to your question that way you get 3 points back of the 5 points it cost you to ask and you made the answerer who took the time to help you a happy camper because they earned an extra 10 points. When you answer a question you'll also appreciate it.

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    Ask a question on Yahoo7 Answers

    In Yahoo7 Answers, you can ask about anything under the sun, including the sun, and get answers from real people. Here's how to start asking!

    1.Sign into Yahoo7 Answers.

    2.Enter your question in the "Ask a question" box.

    Your answer may already exist: there may already be an answer to your question under "Existing Similar Questions."

    3.Under "Details," add anything else you'd like to clarify your question.

    -The clearer you are, the better answers you'll get!

    4.Click Add photo/video if you'd like to add one to your question.

    Image size: images must be less than 5MB and videos less than 600MB and 5 minutes.

    5.Click Submit.

    6.Click Edit Category to select where your question fits best.

    7.Click Submit.

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    you just did

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