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Professional Wrestling: Can somebody explain how John Cena 'No Sells' The Story?

...OH RIGHT! World Wrestling Entertainment just by being WWE doesn't DO REAL PROFESSIONAL WRESSLIN' STORIES!

The People truly need to get over themselves and realize nobody gives a damn about the vocal minority.


I see;

Update 2:

To many parasites aren't even support the product, Look how nobody listed anything all that current; Yet the expect somebody who clearly doesn't bring in merchandise or buyrates to be at the top? Tapeworms don't even understand how the bare basics of the business work;

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    Lol nice photo of Vince. I take it Stone Cold must have done something to him during that moment.

    I don't own any current WWE merch because I don't really enjoy what they have been doing. I have said it before I do not like the pg era at all.

    However.... Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Rock, Brock Lesnar still did some good things even when it was pg.

    Buy rates simply = whoever the fans want to see. Most of us don't want Cena but it is like this company tells us to go **** ourselves and sit through it regardless of what we want. Does WWE not get that they can market whoever the fans want to see and nothing is set in stone with this Cena guy? I don't get it! I like TNA better. Why is WWE so scared to give other wrestlers besides Cena the ability to sell merch?

    Where was Daniel Bryan's new t shirts when he has on fire? Where were Orton's legend killer shirts? Why did Cm Punk have such stupid merch when he was one of the most liked guys in his time?

    So don't tell me it is my fault that I didn't get John Cena's new t shirt, hat, towel, or wrist band. I would have probably got a Daniel Bryan shirt if it wasn't so lame. I would have got a Punk shirt if it didn't look like something from a fruit loops wrapper.

    Now it is my fault that they only market one wrestler.... always my fault WWE can do no wrong.

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    Well let's see , after Cena got the "beating of a lifetime" from brock , he's back a week later with no bruises , limps , black eyes or anything to sell that beating he got a beating. Hence not selling the story.

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    hi nice to see what I said the other day....

    well the most recent situation was the clipboard on a pole match. and what happened when Dean Ambrose won the match? Cena put his hands and did the DUMB AND DUMBER reaction of "gee golly gosh I lost what can I do now" . The normal reaction would be to be mad or upset but nope not Cena "the dog groomer" Cena.

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    If I had a dime for every time you asked this question, I could afford a year long WWE Network subscription by now.

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    outside of public appearances, charity stuff and injuries...WWE doesn't do real storylines of their prof wrestlers

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