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Visiting Mexico?

I plan on visiting family in mexico, but being the first time that I go there I don't really know how much money I should keep on me for things like bus fare or buy lunch occasionally if we go to the city or such. Just small things.

I don't want to be dependent on them.

Also I don't want to carry big amounts of money without realizing it since idk what i.e. 15 dollars would be normal to have with me in canada but idk what it means in mexico.

And one last thing. I don't want to have to constantly withdraw money from bank account because of the transaction fee.

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    I will assume you are going for a short visit and don`t have any large expenses. You should take some cash . Don`t buy your pesos here especially at a Canadian airport. Mexican airports are where you will get the Best rate. Better than anywhere else in Mexico in some cases. Not so good when returning to Canada but don`t bring the pesos back here.

    Buses are cheap all over Mexico . $12.00 mxn pesos = $1.00 +50 cents =$6.00 for a bus ride. A pop will cost you the same.

    Don`t be fooled by the sign indicating the Peso $50.00 is Not Dollars it means 50 Pesos unless the sign says USD it is always Pesos.

    This $ was the original Peso sign before dollar sign in Canada.

    You will obviously have a safe place to leave some excess Pesos with family instead of walking around with too many.

    T-Shirts are very cheap, around $3.00 cnd to $6.00cnd. and the quality is good ,I have had some for 3-4 years

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    Carry your ATM card...there are many ATM machines around. Get out cash in pesos as needed. You can get out 1000 pesos...about 85 dollars at a time if you like and that is plenty. You cannot take out small amounts equal to $15 from ATMs here. Lunch will cost between $4 and $10 depending on where you go. You do not need to worry about being will be with family...they will keep you safe.I am American and have lived in Mexico 9 years...I have never been or heard of anyone else being robbed.

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