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Pro Wrestling: Anyone else surprised The Internet Wrestling Community is whining about yet another John Cena promo?

Bret 'Hitman' Hart, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, CM Punk, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, ect had done basically the exact same promo; yet The People don't give a damn due to 'Entertainment'. This fictional 'IT!' that ignores all the faults.

Ignore that John Cena being exactly the same IS THE GIMMICK! I don't know how many times I've pointed this out; 'What?'!

The people think every solid rivalry Cena has had in the previous few years has had his opponent pointing out how 'Stale' and 'Repetitive' he is by pure accident? It's to get who he's going against over; Yet nobody seems to understand what 'Putting Over' means. 'Clean Finish' is apparently the only way to 'Get Over' in pro wrestling.

Forget one of the biggest 'Putting Over' moments was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin passing out to lose to Bret 'Hitman' Hart; A LOSS!


Hell, Kurt Angle has been doing the exact same promo since Day One; Oh It's True, It's Damn True!

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    The wrestlers that you named never cut the same promo every single week. When CM Punk threw his pipebombs, he insulted different wrestlers in different ways each time, which made you just want to listen to what he had to say next week. The Rock mostly used the same catchphrases, but his jokes and insults were different each time and he always had a new way of captivating the crowd.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin had many ways to insult his opponents and put himself over too. However, Stone Cold Steve Austin mostly used actions instead of words to put himself over for the most part. Paul Heyman is a manager, not a wrestler, and his job is to put over the talent that he is managing.

    That's why his promos don't really have too much variety, mainly because his job today is to put over a wrestler that hardly ever shows up to do it himself. He, therefore, does not compare to John Cena because, as a manager, he is not presented as the face of the company and does not wrestle every single week. I honestly don't know too much about Bret Hart. I mean, I am only 22, you know.

    John Cena doesn't do much of anything like the people you named. He doesn't insult any heels often. He mostly just talks about what he's going to do and how much of a hero he is to the people, and represents the Cenation.

    He used to be much better than this. It's not the fact that John Cena is bad. It's just that he's not really changing things up. He's changing his slogans, I'll give him that.

    At first, it was "Word Life," then it was the "basic thuganomics." Then it was the "Chain Gang," before being "the champ is here." Now, it's "Hustle. Loyalty. Respect." and hasn't changed in ages.

    Other than that, it's the same guy cutting the same boring promos. He knows his mic skills are WAY better than what he's presenting, but for some reason, he's holding back.

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      Basically what you are saying is John Cena isn't any different then any of them? Everyone one of those pro wrestlers focused on who they where currently rivalry with, a lot of those pro wrestlers popped the crowd in the same manner as Cena does with Sports Teams. Zero Difference.

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