Can't get rid of BING as default search engine. Says searching thru google at first, then auto switches to BING?

My PREFERRED search engine is set to GOOGLE, under my SYSTEM PREFERENCES. I am using a MAC running the new OS X. When I search for something directly through my web browser, at first the OS X indicated that it's going to search my results through google. As i press enter and the page begins to load, it quickly switches over to a BING URL and transfers me to the BING search engine. I absolutely HATE BING. PLEASE HELP. Is there some sort of spyware program that I need to remove??

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  • 6 years ago
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    Did you change this in your browser? If running Safari try go to Safari menu then click into Preference.

  • 5 years ago

    Why not simply click on Tools, down to Internet Options (from Internet Explorer obviously if that is what you use) and when the Internet Options window opens, add Google's address into the Home window and OK so then whenever you go on line you have your specific home page plus Google and any other site you visit regularly set as your 'home pages'. Saves time. I personally have 8 home pages in different tabs so I can quickly switch between the sites I regularly use like Yahoo, my bank, Google etc. With regard to Bing, this is brand new and is meant to be a little more than the normal search engines which provide links to the sites you are looking for - in that it tries to keep the visitor on their own site and provide the information there and then for which you are looking.

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