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Is AP Calculus difficult?

I have a 97% in 20-1 Honors Math currently, and I was wondering if AP Calculus is difficult?


I have to take Math 31 (Honors Calculus) and Math 35 (Calculus AP), don't know the difference though?

Update 2:

Also taking these courses in high school...

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    If you are able to really understand mathematics well, then sure, give Calculus a shot. Calculus is A LOT different from your normal and easy math classes. For Calculus, you have use a lot of thinking and reasoning to understand what's going on and it's the first time where you actually have to study for math. You know Calculus is difficult when doctors, engineers, and scientists use it on a day to day basis.

    I'm not saying that Calculus is hard or easy. There are some extremely complicated subjects (like power series, vector calculus, volume, and optimization) about it and there are some extremely easy subjects (like limits, derivatives, and integration). However, my opinion can be a lot different from other people.

    If you think you're really smart at math and you're up for a really good challenge, then yes, take Calculus. You will definitely feel pretty smart after you take that class. But, however, Calculus is not meant for everyone because not everyone can understand the subjects.

    Calculus is the study of change and there is a lot of theory behind it. You don't really use numerical answers anymore and you don't use any calculators (only for self check). Your answers to a lot of your problems will mostly be statements and why you got that answer.

    Source(s): Master's in Electrical Engineering and I use Calculus just about every day.
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    nothing is hard if you put in the effort and dedication. I'm in ap calculus bc and my teacher is very mean but he's mean because he wants his students to pass the ap exams. Generally speaking, in ap calculus, you need to come in afterschool everyday to get help in math. Make sure you do your homework and check your answers in the back of your textbook. Do everything you can and this class will be a piece of cake. And calculus is not difficult, as long as you pay attention in class, attend study sessions, and do all of your homework correctly, this class is basically nothing.

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    If you're well studied in precalculus, algebra, trig, and geometry, and if you don't mind reading and properly doing what's asked of you while at the same time deciding early on that you'll work for your grade, you'll find it isn't too difficult.

    I wouldn't call it difficult, but I'd call it different. Go into it know that you'll be learning a lot in a short period of time and organize your time and study.

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  • Anonymous
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    No it is not..

    All it is is adding and subtracting numbers, but it is in a more complicated matters, like deriving them for instance.

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      No no no... Calculus is a lot more complicated. Deriving functions are really easy. I could explain that to a seventh grader. Calculus III is where things get interesting :)

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