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How do homeless baby survive?

I mean the homeless people could barely take care of themselves. Does the baby goes to adoption or does homeless shelters can provide those stuff

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    Being homeless with a baby is pretty hard. But, just being homeless isn't enough of a reason for the baby to be taken by social services. They already have hundreds of thousands of kids that no one wants, and only a very small percentage will ever be adopted, so they couldn't handle another couple hundred thousand kids coming into the system just cause they're homeless.Most homeless families gravitate to the homeless communities. Tent cities, the underground comunities that most large cities have under them, etc. There are several oganizations that concentrate on supplies for homeless infants and babies and many shelters/kitchens/food banks keep diapers and the like around for them.Women with infants usually have more shelter options available and get put higher on the waiting lists for housing. Some areas have "crisis nurseries" or "emergency babysitting" available for infants and young children of homeless families,where babies can spend the night if its freezing or whatever...

    Source(s): Still, they have a high mortality rate. They often suffer from malnutrition, and many other chronic health problems as well as developmental issues;depending on the length of the homelessness. 1 in 5 children in the US will be homeless for some period of time during childhood, but most are only homeless for a short period-1 yr or less. 35% of the homeless population are children.
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