Revealing previous and expected salary in resumes, should I? Why and why not?

I remember my own dad telling me to to tell people how much I actually make, and I remember news shows that said many resumes are rejected if they name any price. Yet as I post my resume around different sites, and talk to different employers, they're always asking me what salary I am looking for.

Is there a good reason for this? How freely should I talk about expected salary? And if I shouldn't even mention it until they are willing to hire me, how should I handle such questions before that?

Note; my father ran a company that employed over 100 people and make a couple million dollar profit for over 20 years.


First sentence should be "my own dad telling me to not tell people"

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Tell them if asked what you would take, then tell them but it depends on the total compensation package. So say you made 30K on your last job but you say you are looking for 35K you might take 25K if you got 4 weeks vacation and annual bonus that has averaged 10K, not cost to you medical and 401K match or stock options.

    What they are looking for is if it is worth talking to you. If they are thinking 20K and you are saying 35K they don't want to waste time for either of you. If they were thinking 33K and you ask 35K they might consider the package and you might consider an offer.

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