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Death note anime! Please help?

So i am on ep 29. Right now light has his notebook, misa has her and also M(blonde) has the one chief gave him. How come there are three? There were only two? When was shidos notebook introduced? I thought the one M has is rems cuz the chief took it when she died? I jst wanna kno when and where was the 3rd notebook introduced. Please help. I cant watch it till I resolve this doubt. Thankz!

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    The third notebook was always in play, ever since Rem appeared.

    Light's original Death Note is Sidoh's notebook, which Ryuk picked up and then dropped into the Human World.

    Misa's original Death Note is Gelus' notebook, which was given to her by Rem after Gelus saved Misa's life (and subsequently died).

    Rem's notebook came into play when she sacrificed herself to kill L, after which Light picked it up from her ashes.

    After Light pulled his memory-erasing stunt by forfeiting ownership, he regained ownership of Sidoh's notebook, but it remained in the possession of the Japanese Task Force. After the time skip, Light's father, Soichiro, trades Sidoh's Death Note in exchange for his daughter's life. In other words, the Death Note that Mello has is Sidoh's (which was Light's). At the end of episode 29, Sidoh takes his Death Note back, but Light takes several pieces from it beforehand.

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    I don't know what episode it's on but there was a part where a Shinigami (Shido) came to Ryuk to get his notebook back. But Ryuk said he lost the notebook somewhere to a man (that man was in the gang of Mellow). So yea, after Mello died, M got it. :)

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    I'm pretty confused on this but I'd assume someone has a fake

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